ecWash recommended by leading Machine Tool Manufacturers

Birmingham-based volume parts manufacturer, Falcon Engineering Productions Limited, has invested in a MecWash Solo 400 aqueous parts washing machine following several recommendations from Machine Tool Manufacturers.

Before investing in the MecWash Solo, Falcon used paraffin based cleaning to remove swarf and grease from the parts it manufactured, but decided to change from this method as it was time-consuming and quite messy.

The company sought advice from a number of Machine Tool Manufacturers and MecWash was the name that kept on being mentioned, as Managing Director Laurence Foster confirms, “We spoke to a number of our contacts and they all recommended MecWash as the go-to company for cleaning and degreasing machines.

“We chose the MecWash Solo 400 due to its compact footprint and its high performance wash capabilities and we have been extremely impressed with the results. The Solo achieves far higher standards of cleanliness than the previous method we were using which we are very pleased with.”

The Solo has been developed to satisfy the needs of inter-stage, in-cell and in some cases final machined component cleaning to high standards – making it perfect for Falcon as a number of the parts it machines undergo secondary surface treatments such as heat treatment.

MecWash’s Managing Director, John Pattison, says, “The Solo is available in three sizes, all of which provide rotational washing, mist rinsing and hot air drying in a very compact footprint, saving on valuable floor space.

“Suitable for use in a wide range of manufacturing sectors, the Solo is one of our most popular machines. It far outperforms traditional dunk washers, rotary basket and tunnel washers in terms of both cleanliness and effective drying.”

Falcon also installed an Aqua-Save Junior waste wash water recycling system to minimise the volumes of water used and reduce coolant wastage, as well as disposal costs.

John continues, “MecWash cleaning systems are renowned for their robust construction and ability to provide a consistently high standard of cleaning even when running almost continuously, which is vital for Machine Tool Manufacturers whose own reputation may be at stake if they supply or recommend inferior equipment.

“Over the past 20 years MecWash machines have proved that they can be trusted and this capability is demonstrated by the fact that we are chosen by leading Machine Tool Manufacturers and are frequently invited to attend their Open House Events.”

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