Value Engineered Products’ 490 series pressure switches selected for hydraulic systems safety monitoring on BOOM XB-1 supersonic demonstrator aircraft

Value Engineered Products (VEP), part of the USA-based World Magnetics family, is represented in the UK by Variohm EuroSensor. As a leading manufacturer of high-precision pressure, vacuum and differential switches for the aerospace industry VEP recently announced its supply partnership with the Boom XB-1 Mach-2.2 supersonic demonstrator aircraft.
VEP supplies its 490 series pressure switches for safety monitoring on various hydraulic systems on the XB-1. These lightweight and high reliability aluminium switches feature dual-springs for accuracy and stability and are designed to meet the FAA’s 15-minute flame test requirement. The VEP 490 series is field adjustable, suitable for altitude ranges between 1,000 to 50,000 feet, and the piston is designed to allow high proof pressure. With a wide range of pressure ports and electrical connectors available, this series can be designed to meet most customers’ specifications.

The XB-1 is a supersonic demonstrator and a prototype for the Boom Overture – a 55 seat Mach 2.2 commercial airliner. Overture is leveraging technological advancements in aerodynamics, aerostructure, turbofan engine design and fuel efficiency, and is targeted for a first flight in the mid-2020s. As the first independently developed supersonic jet the XB-1 is helping to refine and test these key supersonic technologies and ensure the efficiency, safety and reliability for Overture.

VEP’s comprehensive range is characterised by highly durable switches with low pressure set points and high proof pressure, models are also available with low differential and dual differential pressure. Aimed at pressure set-point switching tasks where reliability and safety are paramount, standard and customised switches are widely deployed for landing gear and brake safety systems, rudder control assist, air speed and air flow detection, and more.

Variohm EuroSensor represents World Magnetics in the UK, supporting and supplying the VEP range as well as its DesignFlex™ and Henry G. Dietz™ brand industrial pressure switches. Variohm is a designer and manufacturer of its own range of sensors as well as a distribution partner for several other leading sensor component suppliers. The specialist provides complete sales and application support across its comprehensive range of sensor technologies for position, force, pressure, load, and temperature measurement. Application areas include but are not restricted to industry, construction, agriculture, motorsports, research and more.

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