HARTING’s ix Industrial® connector wins the German Innovation Award

The HARTING Technology Group have received the coveted German Innovation Award 2019 for their ix Industrial® range. The pioneering connector impressed the German Design Council and won the award for “Excellence in Business to Business”. The German Innovation Award acknowledges products and solutions that clearly set themselves apart from conventional solutions, thanks to their user focus and added value.

HARTING’s ix Industrial® stands for ruggedness, miniaturisation and outstanding performance. Thanks to these attributes, and in view of the increasing use of miniaturised devices and sensors, today’s ix Industrial® is ideally suited for tomorrow’s solutions. Targeting the widespread RJ45 connector, the ix Industrial® offers solutions for new industrial devices. A connector that is compact and robust, whilst ensuring Cat. 6A performance for 1/10 Gbit/s Ethernet on the control level, has long been on the wish list of users, designers and developers. With the ix Industrial®, HARTING has met all these demands with a practical and consistent system.

In industrial Ethernet (Type A) the ix Industrial® interface excels in signal as well as in serial BUS systems (Type B). The size of the sockets has been reduced by 70% in comparison with the RJ45, thereby enabling device manufacturers to deploy the ix in considerably more compact devices. To ensure device integration, a compact and robust socket with five THR shielding contacts provides the highest stability on printed circuit boards. The ix connectors feature a stable clipping mechanism with two metal hooks. Together with the new socket, this guarantees secure and vibration-free connections, from the cable through to the PCB for a minimum of 5,000 mating cycles.

The jury comprises independent, interdisciplinary experts from industry, science, various institutions and the financial arena. Submissions are assessed on the criteria of innovation levels, user benefits and economic efficiency. The innovation strategy factors in aspects such as social, ecological, economical sustainability, as well as the deployment of energy and resources.

Winning this prestigious accolade is an indication that HARTING developments are closely attuned to current trends and represent innovations that make life easier for users. Maximilian Rohrer and Jonas Diekmann from HARTING Electronics were delighted to receive the coveted award.

“This is the third award acknowledging ix Industrial®. I see this as clear proof that we have clearly understood the sign of the times with our ix Industrial® and have created THE future miniaturised interface for Ethernet in the industrial arena” commented Jonas Diekmann, Technical Editor at HARTING Electronics.

Maximilian Rohrer went on to add: “For me as product manager for the ix Industrial® series, it is a very special honour to receive this award. While the product is still in its infancy, there are already a good many users, both large and small, who are enthusiastic about the new possibilities that our solution is opening up. And this is just the beginning. In the next years we will be expanding the portfolio revolving around the ix.”

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