Telford based automated systems manufacturer Bauromat, one of Kawasaki Robotics leading integrators, has recently supplied and installed a robotic welding system to precision pressings and stampings experts Clamason Industries of Kingswinford.

Bauromat supplied Clamason with a HiArc 200M, one of its more compact robotic welding systems specifically configured for arc welding. It is manufactured integrating a Kyrus manual rotary manipulator but can also be feature powered manipulators depending on customer specifications.

Clamasons’ new system also includes many user-friendly features to ensure consistent weld quality, one of which enables the operator to input the parts and begin the welding cycle manually. Loading two assemblies into the Bauromat designed and manufactured tooling, the operator then manually rotates the manipulator into the system to begin the cycle.

Programmed by Bauromat’s experienced robotic engineers, the chosen robot, a Kawasaki BA006N, then follows the programmed weld path, joining three parts together to form a small pressing assembly. Thanks to advanced sensor technology designed into the tooling, the system recognizes what has been put into the workstation and reacts accordingly. For instance, if the parts are incorrectly loaded, it identifies the anomaly and the robot will not begin the cycle until the correct loading profile has been put into place. Likewise, and demonstrating machine flexibility at its best, if only one set of parts has been loaded rather than the normal two sets at a time, the robot will only weld the single assembly present, ignoring the adjacent empty fixture.

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