NSK to show innovations at the International VDI Congress ‘Dritev – Drivetrain for Vehicles’

In line with the automotive industry’s shift to electric vehicle (EV) technology and the ongoing trend of downsizing, NSK will shine the spotlight on a compact EV drive system at the Dritev 2019 international congress in Bonn, Germany (10-11 July). Featuring NSK deep groove ball bearings, the innovative system is suitable for use at high speeds in powerful electric drivetrains.

Organised by the Association of German Engineers (VDI) Wissensforum, Dritev gathers the world’s experts on drivetrains. The event is more pertinent than ever as the world of transmissions is currently navigating market challenges such as controlling CO2 emissions, an explosive increase in drivetrain variants and regulatory interventions by governments. Many issues remain unresolved, which is why companies have to drive various strategies that will lead to a comprehensive electrification of the drivetrain, as this is the best way to be prepared for the future.


The fruits of NSK’s recent R&D efforts will be on show, with specific focus on advanced EV technologies and products, vehicle component electrification, and improving the efficiency of powertrain components. For instance, among the primary transmissions exhibits on display will be the aforementioned NSK EV traction drive speed reducer, which contributes to downsizing through the use of a combined traction reducer and high-speed motor design. In physical terms, the system is 40% smaller than a conventional traction drive system. Offering a reduction ratio of 4, the 125 kW capacity NSK system is also significantly more silent in operation.


NSK will showcase a combination of current technology and step-by-step electrification with products to support from standard, via HEV, to EV projects. Taking centre stage among a number of other cutaway transmission sections will be the EV traction drive system.

Aside from deep groove ball bearings that include high-speed versions and electrical insulation, principal bearing exhibits on show will encompass needle roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings up to 6th generation variants, all of which are used by European OE and tier automotive customers.

For further information about Dritev, please visit www.vdi-wissensforum.de/en/dritev.

Congress delegates are invited to visit NSK in the World Conference Center at booth 115.

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