Hydra-Cell Metering Pump Shows its Versatility.

To call Wanner’s new Hydra-Cell® MT8 a low flow high pressure metering pump would do it a serious injustice.


This amazing triplex diaphragm pump can achieve a minimum flow rate of 0.227 litres per hour with the accuracy, linearity and repeatability demanded by API 675, but is capable of generating a maximum flow of 30.28 lph. The Hydra-Cell MT8 is designed to perform at pressures, up to 241 bar, while generating a smooth virtually pulse-less flow for homogeneous metered injection.

With no cups, packing or seals to leak and its ability to handle a wide range of aggressive and abrasive liquids and even run dry without damage, new uses for the MT8 are surfacing daily. Applications to date include methanol injection in the oil and gas industry, personal care products and pharmaceuticals, food and beverage processing and additive injection in polyurethane foam production, highlighting the pump’s flexibility.


The use of PTFE diaphragms, along with the availability of a wide range of pump head materials (including Hastelloy® C, 316 SST Alloy 20, PVC and PVDF) make the MT8 the ideal choice for metering hazardous liquids.


The replenishment valve system in every piston ensures optimum actuating oil on every stroke for continuous accuracy and protects the pump from damage in the event of a blocked suction line.

With suction and discharge ports on either side of the pump for installation flexibility and range of electronic and manual control options, the Hydra-Cell MT8 opens up many new possibilities for chemical metering and injection.




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