Rapidly Develop Touchscreen Process Control and User Interfaces with PanelPilotACE

Lascar’s PanelPilotACE is a unique industrial control display platform ideal for the rapid development of touchscreen automation and user interfaces – without writing code. There’s no need to start from scratch, instead develop your application using Lascar’s free Design Studio software which provides powerful, easy to use drag and drop tools to build the complex functionality you need. Forget months of programming and hardware headaches, get a development edge with PanelPilotACE and deliver your project on time!


PanelPilotACE has two display sizes, both competitively priced, with the 4.3” (SGD 43-A) at £179.95 ex VAT and 7” (SGD 70-A) at £299.95 ex VAT. These feature high-resolution capacitive touch screens, four 16-bit bi-polar analogue inputs, eight digital input/output pins, two alarm outputs, four PWM outputs, RS232 comms, RS485 and Modbus comms (requires add-on board for SGD 43-A), CAN bus (SGD 70-A only, requires add-on board) and FTP transfer of logged data via wired Ethernet (SGD 70-A only). These are extremely capable units for the price point, with discounts available on volume purchases.


Free to download for evaluation, the PanelPilot Design Studio software offers a wealth of functionality for building multi-page, intelligent display interfaces, allowing you to add background images, text elements, analogue and digital style meters, touch screen navigation, complex logic statements, serial communications, data logging, trend graphs and maths functionality. The Design Studio ‘Maths Builder’ provides powerful tools for performing, with a full range of mathematical operators available, from simple addition and multiplication, to exponential and trigonometric functions. These functions can be applied to most properties and variables within an application, such as calculating power from two analogue inputs. PanelPilotACE offers data logging capabilities, supporting high-resolution analogue and digital logging together with fully customisable on-screen graphing. You can monitor up to four 16-bit analogue inputs at any time with each data set holding over 1 million individual readings and sample rates from 5 seconds up being supported.


The software includes an emulator, so you can design and test your interface for free before buying any hardware. PanelPilotACE development kits that include a development board for testing all the input/output functionality along with the display are also available. The PanelPilotACE University on the Lascar website provides video tutorials and shares templates and graphics for you to use in your display project. Alternatively, we offer a “one-stop” Custom Design service where our experts can build your display project for you.



Download the PanelPilotACE Design Studio Software for free to try before you buy from https://www.lascarelectronics.com/software/panelpilot-software/panelpilotace-design-studio/

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