LEMO’s T series connector latest features

Major trends in connector development over the last few years are miniaturisation and increased contact density. System integrators in various markets, such as automation, testing and instrumentation, are looking to increase the number of sensors and data acquisition means. Naturally, this requires more connectors and cables in reduced space.


LEMO has extended over the last years its range of T series connectors with the introduction of the TT, 0T,1T, 2T and 3T sizes . The TT series is available with 2, 3 , 4 or 5 contacts and is one of the smallest IP 68 Push-Pull connectors of the LEMO range.

With this very small connector, LEMO completes its range of products for the instrumentation and robotic market by offering connectors suitable for cable diameters 2.4 to 15 mm and contact configurations ranging from 2 to 30 contacts.


The T series is also available with a contact arrangement adapted to ethernet CAT 6A signals, thus offering a reliable Push Pull connector with extended durability.  The T series is also available in its HALO LED design, configurable through the embedded electronics, it features a wide range of colours with a RGB indicator arranged in a ring around the connector. The 3 different designs are called LEG, LMG (with a standby light) and LNG (with a narrow ring shape light).

What information can be displayed by the Halo LEDs? It is for the customer to decide before adding the connector to his equipment. The indicator can be configured as required: status (on/off or blinking), light intensity and of course colours. The multiplexed indicator consisting of red, green and blue LEDs, you simply combine the pulse width modulations (PWM) of each colour in order to generate the colour of your choice out of among 16 million shades of colour. The indicator’s behaviour can also be modified at a later stage, via software, providing maximum flexibility.



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