Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG sets a new standard for creating mains quality compliance reports, conveniently and without expensive software

A revolutionary new idea from Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG – the instrumentation specialist for power quality analysis. The function is easy to use and is called PQ EasyReporting. An innovation that allows you to generate either standard-compliant or user-specific statistical reports directly from the measurement instrument. All this can be done completely autonomously without using proprietary software which sometimes makes life complicated for both users and IT departments.

Photo: The PQ EasyReport gives a statistical view of the mains quality and can be either freely-defined or according to a specific standard.

The issue of power quality is frequently dealt with in isolation from other issues such as performance monitoring, load regulation, energy management or energy automation. However, because both mains supplies and consumers are increasingly affected by noise levels, it is essential to have a view of the total context. This means that power grid operators and increasingly also major consumers are faced with a difficult problem: this applies to all applications, no matter how different they are. Often, each one has a different software solution for performing measurements and ratings. Achieving compatibility between the various software solutions is frequently very difficult and expensive. And in some case it is even impossible. So, to solve this Camille Bauer Metrawatt has provided an ingenious solution. PQ EasyReporting.


The underlying technical innovation

The PQ3000 and PQ5000 mains quality measurement devices have a web-based feature for generating power quality reports directly from the measurement device. Standardised reports in PDF format are generated and made available to the user. Statistical standards according to EN50160, IEC61000-2-2, IEC61000-2-4 and IEC610002-12 can be selected directly on the instrument or externally via a web browser. It is also possible to enter and select individual limiting values. The time periods for the statistical evaluation is flexibly adjustable by the user, but should not be less than 7 days. The scope of the reports can be selected from three levels: a compliance summary, an overview with detailed statistics and an overview with both detailed statistics and a summary of events. Customers can also generate reports using their own company logo.