100 headtorches for 100 new field staff

Relocation to the North West has proven to be a good move for Hasman Ltd. Investment in larger premises means the business now delivers industry approved training and apprenticeships. Improved facilities and expanded services also required Hasman increase their field staff numbers by 100.

Hasman’s purpose built, state-of-the-art training centre in Liverpool is a first for the ventilation and duct hygiene industry.

This cutting-edge centre is at the forefront of formalising apprenticeships in the industry and is a real-time, in-depth learning experience where people are pitted against the challenges faced in their industry.

The training centre offers a range of comprehensive courses which are approved by Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), the UK’s leading trade organisation for building engineering services contractors, cementing the reputation of this forward-thinking business both nationally and globally.

Staff levels have risen to meet the demands of Hasman’s success, but with increased employee numbers comes the need for increased equipment stock. When 100 new staff needed head torches for their inspection kits, Operations Manager Connor Dickson had plenty to consider, he said:

“We needed rechargeable headtorches as we were building toolkits for 100 new staff, so it was a big job.”

Getting the right kit for the job is essential but budget and delivery times are crucial considerations for a busy work force, so it’s worth doing your research, Connor said: “I shopped around and the Zoro range was by far the best and at quantities I needed.

They were the cheapest and had the most stock available, at the best price.”

Christian Matenaers, Marketing Manager for Zoro said: “Supporting businesses means achieving what they need, when they need it.

“I’m delighted Hasman Ltd have found our range of stock, service and delivery times to be in line with their business needs.”

Connor said: “All of the field staff who work on ventilation systems are now using the items we ordered from Zoro.

“It’s really handy for them to have rechargeable batteries for their head torches, it just makes sense.”

Connor admits 100 headtorches is a big ask for any supplier, but he found the team at Zoro helpful and responsive, he said; “The service was great – very straightforward. The delivery came in batches, but they had the majority of what we needed in stock.”

“Everything arrived on time and we were pleased with that because getting the job done on time is a major factor in our industry.”


For Hasman Ltd, Zoro had the combination of a broad product range, top-notch customer service and good rates, and crucially, they delivered on turnaround times.

Connor is happy to recommend Zoro, he said: “Absolutely I would recommend them. My experience was great. As we take on more staff this year I will have to be stocking them with more necessary equipment which we will source from Zoro.

I would definitely recommend them and I’m pretty sure I have already!”

Mr Matenaers said: “Knowing the team at Hasman Ltd are recommending us is a wonderful testament to what we can do.”

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