Sensing and Instrumentation specialists BAUMER Ltd have introduced a new range of optical miniature sensors which raise the standard of precisely detecting challenging objects across a wide range of applications. Slightly larger than a honey bee with a housing size of 8mm, 0200 miniature sensors provide reliable and excellent detection, even for challenging objects ultra-black, shiny, transparent or small objects (down to a size of 0.25mm diameter / width).

The sensor line-up features SmartReflect® an integral light barrier without a reflector which enables safe object detection with a range up to 180mm and which also helps to optimise flexibility in machine and system design. Also, an innovative ambient light algorithm ensures maximum immunity to ambient light, even with LED lighting or interfering reflections. With conventional sensors, such disturbances can result in inconsistent performance and operations being slowed down. This means 0200 sensors will be particularly appreciated in narrow system designs which are often found in the semiconductor and electronics sectors.

The 0200 sensors high power mode ensures reliable detection of challenging objects such as ultra-black or angled objects with extremely high light absorption. This, combined with their miniature design and light weight, means they can be directly mounted on a robotic gripper arm. Furthermore, options with integral V-optics and a focused light beam, ensures reliable and precise detection of small, glossy or transparent objects.

0200 sensors with IO-Link are ready for industry 4.0 and lloT and the latest IO-Link standard allows automatic configuration. Also, they deliver additional information such as operating hours, or switch-on cycles and other data to help users to optimise process performance. A qTeach feature enables direct configuration on-site along with protection against unauthorised access.

Typical applications will include laboratory automation, electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, robotics and general assembly and handling processes.

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