Meet up with Altra Industrial Motion Corp. at IFFA 2019

Key players in the meat industry will have a chance to meet with Altra Industrial Motion Corp. at IFFA 2019, with leading company brands showcasing specialised power transmissions solutions for hygienic applications. The event takes place at Messe Frankfurt from 4th – 9th May in Frankfurt, Germany.

Bauer Gear Motor, Huco, Kollmorgen and Twiflex will be available on the Altra Industrial Motion booth in Hall 9.1, Stand D74 to discuss products and application requirements throughout the event.

Hygienic motors

Motors are the driving force behind many aspects of meat processing, but to perform in this highly regulated industry, innovative hygienic design is the minimum benchmark. The washdowns inherent to the industry demand that motors offer high ingress protection, smooth exteriors, as well as corrosion and contamination resistance as standard. Two Altra Industrial Motion brands will be displaying their approach to meeting this multitude of demands at IFFA.

Bauer Gear Motor is a world-leader in geared motors, and will be showing its specialised HiflexDRIVE range of hygienic geared motors on stand. Both aseptic (for operating conditions with no mechanical impact risk) and stainless steel (for areas with mechanical impact risk) designs are perfectly suited for conveyor applications. Available in efficiency ratings from IE2 up to IE5, both are fanless, ensuring no distribution of contaminates into the application environment. Ingress protection ratings can be specified at either IP67 or IP69K depending on requirement, offering exceptional reliability in areas with regular washdowns.

Servo motors are an area of particular expertise for Kollmorgen, which will be bringing its AKMHTM motor to the exhibition. It is a hygienic and durable solution for heavy washdown environments. The motor is able to withstand spray of approximately 100 bar and chemicals with pH 2 through 12. A special vented tube through the cable or connector equalizes pressure from inside of the motor to the outer housing and ultimately prevents water ingress. With 316L stainless steel outer surface and 32 micron finish, it also eliminates harbourage points such as metal to metal seams, ensuring a hygienic design.

Hygienic brakes

Even on the fast-moving meat processing line, there are times when things need to come to a stop. Whether it’s a conveyor or a meat grinder, hygienic brakes are paramount to ensuring easy loading, unloading or washdowns. Reliability, space efficiency and hygienic performance are essential for the role.

Twiflex Limited is well used to meeting these demands, illustrated by its SMR disc brake calliper, available in spring or air applied variants. The brake has the capability to be mounted at any angle around the periphery of the disc to optimise packaging where space is tight. A combination of stainless steel parts and special plating options may be specified to deliver high contamination and corrosion resistance, ideal for withstanding washdowns. The SMR also offers versatility, as multiple callipers can be easily added to larger disc sizes to increase the overall torque capacity.

Hygienic couplings

One way of ensuring the continued reliability of rotating equipment is to utilise high quality couplings. With low profit per unit in the meat industry, specifying hygienic couplings can help safeguard uptime, while also helping to protect associated equipment from excessive loads or shocks.

Responding to this, Huco will be on stand with a wide range of its stainless steel couplings designed specifically for the meat industry. All offer excellent kinematic properties and precision in operation. Visitors will be able to view single, step and multi-beam couplings; the double loop Flex P coupling; the flex B and the Flex K stainless steel bellows couplings; universal/lateral offset couplings as well as the Flex M Membrane and Oldham three part couplings.

Global capability

Gathering leading power transmission brands into a unified group, Altra Industrial Motion Corp. offers worldwide access to integrated products and systems, localised service with a global reach matched by consistently high quality components across the group. This ensures that end users have a single point of specification for their system, with the shared experience of all brands readily available to solve application challenges.


Leading brands of Altra Industrial Motion Corp. will be showcasing specialised power transmission solutions for hygienic applications during the show.



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