Trelleborg’s Collaboration with Bombardier Delivers Better Performance on the Rails

Global anti-vibration specialist, Trelleborg’s antivibration solutions operation, has in collaboration with Bombardier, the multinational aerospace and transportation company, developed an innovative hydraulic axle guide element which enables Bombardier trains to better adapt to their immediate environment, delivering greater performance and efficiency.

The BOMBARDIER FLEXX* curve hydraulic axle guide element, which enlarges Trelleborg’s HALL® range, features frequency-depending longitudinal stiffness and delivers a host of benefits, including reduced wheel and track wear, energy consumption and curve squeal noise. Through these unique characteristics, cost savings can be realized for end users, with less energy, maintenance and repair needed. In countries such as England and Switzerland, where there is a charge associated with track wear, these savings are further boosted for operators.

Commenting on the collaboration, Alexander Zahnbrecher, Project Engineer at Trelleborg AVS, said: “FLEXX curve is a fantastic example of what can be achieved when two industry-leading innovators work together to solve some of the common challenges we face every day on our rail systems. Working closely with Bombardier, we were able to develop our understanding of these challenges and develop a new approach to overcoming them.

“The results speak for themselves. Moving away from a standard set-up where traction and braking forces are mechanically compensated, the set-up of FLEXX curve capitalizes on hydraulic compensation within a cross-coupled layout. In essence, this enables Bombardier to deliver more efficient products for its customers, increasing comfort for passengers while reducing operating costs with a more sustainable approach.”

Thanks to its innovative design, FLEXX curve can be loaded with high vertical loads, perfectly complementing BOMBARDIER* FLEXX* compact bogies. As the first HALL® System in the market to cross-couple the hydraulic axle guide elements of the bogie, the system delivers low mechanical longitudinal stiffness by hydraulically transmitting the necessary high stiffness that exists during braking and accelerating, in turn reducing noise and track wear. Also available as a ready-to-install solution, FLEXX curve can be installed in all past and upcoming FLEXX compact bogies, enabling operators with Bombardier trains to unlock the benefits around safety, comfort and sustainability.

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