Portable Barriers

EVER-GUARD® portable barriers are a fl exible tool in creating laser safety enclosures for dynamic requirements within research, servicing or manufacturing settings.
Laser rated for intensities up to 1200W/cm2 and available in custom or a range of standard sizes, the utilisation of a connector strip system allows multiple panels to be connected together in diff erent combinations to create continuous walls suitable for a range of spaces and applications.
The panels are mounted on locking rollers for manageability and can be specifi ed with additional features such as access doors, viewing windows or signs to further increase the function of the resulting enclosures. The textured surface of the panels is cleanroom friendly, provide protection for all wavelengths (by absorption and diff usion) and complies to CE EN12254:2010 & EN60825-4 laser safety standards.
Standard panels 1.2m in length (PT-EVG-4) and 1.8m in length (PT-EVG-6) are available to be delivered from stock while custom sizes are available on request.



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