Delta to Exhibit Smart Energy Infrastructure Solutions to Support e-Mobility at Hannover Messe 2019

Delta, a global provider of power and thermal management solutions, announced today it will showcase its smart energy infrastructure solutions at Hannover Messe 2019. Delta’s solutions support the evolution of infrastructure by offering an enhanced charging experience to Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers and in the meantime optimizing energy efficiency at charging site to ease the stress of Charging Point Operators (CPOs) and utility companies. The solutions can meet requirement of fast charging in cities and solve the potential energy problems that may arise due to high EV penetration and increasing demand for fast charging by integrating the distributed energy resources to the charging facility. Delta also offers backend Site Management System with energy management features to ensure chargers’ service availability, interface with all sorts of charging services and manage energy consumption to lower the electricity bill at sites.

Vincent Lin, Senior Director of e-Mobility & Smart Energy Solutions business development for Delta in Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), said: “The rise of EVs will add dynamic loads to the grid and reshape the electricity consumption pattern. Unmanaged peak-load caused by EV charging will create stress to the grid and also cause demand penalty to charging point operators. Delta’s smart charging infrastructure solutions strive to solve the issues accompanying the EV movement. We ensure customers’ needs are answered effectively with efficient and proven solutions in the era of EV evolution.”

Delta’s booth will feature key solutions developed to support EV charging. Delta’s 150kW DC Ultra Fast EV Charger is capable of charging four EVs at the same time, and can provide 100km range within ten minutes of charging. Alongside this, the DC wall-box EV charger will also be on show. The easy wall-box design and pluggable power modules facilitate simple and cost-saving installation. On top of this, its communication functions and RFID user authentication can support both public and private charging applications for different locations.

From its solution of distributed energy resources, Delta will showcase the compact RPI M30A transformer less three-phase PV inverter and PCS100 power conditioning system. RPI M30A is suitable for commercial use. Its cutting-edge technology presents leading efficiency levels up to 98.5% and durable quality to ensure efficient PV system operation. PCS100 is a 100kW bi-directional inverter building block available for outdoor application, which is an ideal fit for charging station peak-shaving and load shifting planning.
Delta’s solutions address one of the major trends transforming cities across the globe. With EV ownership set to increase to about 125 million units globally by 2030[1], Delta’s EV charging infrastructure solutions are perfectly placed to ensure energy providers and cities are prepared for this boom in demand. This is expected to accelerate further, as cities including Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City are proposing to ban diesel cars and vans by 2025, while Norway plans to phase out internal combustion engine (ICE) cars by 2025 with France and the United Kingdom

following in 2040 and 2050, respectively. These initiatives are in part designed to bolster public health by improving the quality of air citizens breathe by reducing the harmful emissions produced by ICE vehicles.
Over time, as initiatives like these will see ICE vehicles gradually replaced by EVs, drivers of EVs will increasingly expect the convenience of charging points located not just at existing fuel stations, but at many of the places they visit on their commute or journey. This demand will have an effect on retailers, public parking operators, street and overnight parking zones as well as conventional fuel stations, which will create the need for new charging hubs and avenues. Not only will this evolution impact cities’ public infrastructure, but it will change existing models that relate to private mobility, mobility services and car sharing, as well as public transport and urban logistics.

We look forward to learning about our visitors’ needs at Hannover Messe 2019, where Delta will be located in Hall 11, stand A57, from April 1 to 5.

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