LATTYcore: LATTY braided packings have a heart!

The GROUPE LATTY adds graphite into the heart of its braided packings | The GROUPE LATTY, the French specialist for industrial seals specifically adapted to the requirements of the most demanding industrial environments, designs and manufactures all its product ranges in its site in Brou, (Eure-et-Loir, France). GROUPE LATTY has a reputation for the quality and performance of its braided packings and packing rings, in particular because of the patented Filcoat process for impregnating each yarn individually. GROUPE LATTY ‘s research and development department has developed a new range of braided packings with an innovative structure and composition thanks to the addition of an expanded graphite core, this gives them exceptional properties of flexibility and recovery.

The new LATTYcore range with the graphite core, consists of five new braided packings with different properties. They can meet the demands of the harshest and most aggressive environments.
Depending on the type, they offer very high mechanical performance, high resistance to solid-containing fluids, chemical inertia and very good resistance to abrasive fluids. The addition of the graphite core increases their flexibility, lowering the running in time, the retightening frequency and providing optimal sealing at low tightening force.
The graphite also lowers friction, ensuring significant savings in water and energy.
Graphite, in contrast to elastomers, is resistant to most chemical agents such as minerals  and solvents, and it has very good temperature resistance. Depending on the type, the braided packings have an operating temperature range of -200°C to +300°C and can function under pressures of up to 1000 bar.
The graphite’s flexibility makes assembly and disassembly easier, which reduces maintenance times. Furthermore, graphite is one of the materials most resistant to aging, and this can increase time between maintenance.
This new range of LATTYcore braided packings adds to an already rich product lineup. The combined research by the GROUPE LATTY in the development of fibres and lubricants enables it to offer around fifty different grades of braids, including more than 70 impregnation types and 120 different varieties of yarn including aramid, PTFE, graphite and carbon.

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