FPT Industrial, together with Avoni, its distributor partner since 1972, is sponsoring the CIP Green Power team in the Moto3 category at the MotoGP, the premier worldwide motorcycle road racing championship. Following the season opener on March 10th, the 2019 championship will pass through 19 circuits in 15 countries until November 17th.

A CIP Green Power team motorbike during the race in Argentina

Green Power, specialized in the production and sales of generators and part of the Epta group, started the collaboration with CIP team in 2018. The CIP Green Power team competing in the Moto3 category is formed by Darryn Binder and Tom Booth-Amos. At 21 years old, Binder has already started the competition well. In the second round, at Termas de Rio Rondo, in Argentina, the South African rider finished in second place. He made his debut in Moto3 in 2015 and has been improving ever since, recording the fastest lap in the 2018 Motul Grand Prix of Japan. The 23-year-old Britain Tom Booth-Amos is one of this season’s rookies. He has moved through the ranks in the UK on his way to the world championship and won the national Motostar in 2017.

This is the first time FPT Industrial is sponsoring a team in a motorcycle competition, but the Brand already has a history of supporting other primary motorsport events, not only from a communications point of view, but also providing high performance engines that are at the core of racing machines.

FPT Industrial is known, for example, for providing the engines for the Petronas Team De Rooy IVECO trucks at the Dakar rally. The same team came in the truck category of the Africa Eco Race 2018. In this same year, the Brand achieved a Guinness World Record for powering the fastest diesel powerboat with FB Design, reaching 277.5 km/h. Still in the marine sector, FPT Industrial powered the AllBlack Racing Powerboat team, which earned the speed record for completing the Cork-Fastnet-Cork route in two hours, six minutes and 47 seconds.

Tom Booth-Amos and Darryn Binder from the CIP Green Power team

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