When two pioneers meet, the future can take your breath away. Yesterday, a special encounter between FPT Industrial, pioneer of the powertrain industry, and Giorgio Moroder, pioneer of the music industry, offered a glimpse of what the future may hold. 

Performing his first ever live tour in Europe, Giorgio Moroder stopped in Munich, Germany, where he first gained popularity, to perform at Technikum music venue for special guests of FPT Industrial. The Brand, dedicated to the design, production and sale of powertrains for on and off-road vehicles, marine and power generation applications, is taking part in Bauma 2019 and took advantage of the occasion to organize this exclusive event.

Giorgio Moroder is known as the father of disco music and for his film scores for Top GunFlashdanceMidnight ExpressMetropolis, and many others. Winner of three Academy Awards, four Golden Globes, four Grammys and more than 100 gold and platinum records, Moroder has worked as a producer, composer and performer with the most influential music artists, such as Donna SummerDavid BowieBarbra StreisandElton JohnFreddy Mercury and Daft Punk.

In yesterday’s performance, Moroder showed his energy and innovative spirit with a selection of his best hits, considered landmarks in music history. Just like him, FPT Industrial is driven by innovation and quality. With 150 years of experience, the Brand has introduced groundbreaking solutions, such as the Common RailTurbocharging and Natural Gas engines with the same performance as Diesel – all milestones that have subsequently become standard technologies for the entire market.

Recently, FPT Industrial also revealed the power source concept Cursor X, which represents its vision of the future through four main characteristics: Multi-PowerModularMulti-applicationand Mindful. The Cursor X concept was on stage during Giorgio Moroder’s concert, symbolizing how FPT Industrial conceives innovation and its commitment to the research and development in alternative fuels.

Together, FPT Industrial and Giorgio Moroder are starting a special project, the likes of which has never been seen before. Visit this link to discover firsthand more about this exciting partnership and stay tuned!

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