STEMMER IMAGING well represented at UKIVA MVC

STEMMER IMAGING will be showing the Ricoh SC-10 human assist camera, the CIS CoaXPress colour linescan bar and other cameras at the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition. However visitors will be also be able to see an extensive range of products from many of STEMMER IMAGING’s key suppliers who are also exhibiting. These include Intel RealSense, LMI Technologies, JAI, Gardasoft Vision, Optotune, Smart Vision Lights, Teleydyne DALSA, Sony and Allied Vision.

The rich array of camera technology available features the latest image sensors and includes 3D smart sensors, 3D depth sensors, multi-line line scan cameras, 3-chip colour cameras, smart cameras and embedded systems. There will also be a chance to see liquid lenses and their controllers in action as well as a selection of high performance LED controllers. A comprehensive range of LED lighting wil also be on show.

At the Conference, Dr. Jon Vickers will discuss the use of embedded vision systems. He will define the terms used in the technique, discuss the advantages and show where embedded systems can work. Importantly, he will also review situations where they aren’t always appropriate, especially where is there no advantage and when they are more difficult and more expensive to implement than a traditional system.

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