Gardner Denver hosts free webinar on moving towards the circular economy for the wastewater treatment industry

Gardner Denver is inviting those operating in the municipal wastewater treatment industry to attend a free webinar, discussing how plants can play their part in realising the ambitions of the circular economy, while improving the total cost of ownership of a site’s technology too.

Taking place on 28 March, the live webinar will be led by Russell Frost, EMEAI Market Sector Manager at Gardner Denver, and those interested can register to attend at Attendees will be able to choose from two webinar times on the day, at either 9:30am or 3:30pm.

The webinar will discuss the latest technologies that can help a municipal wastewater treatment plant reduce its consumption of limited resources and produce less waste, in line with the aims of the circular economy, as well as how these more sustainable solutions can actually improve a plant’s competitiveness.

The webinar will then go onto cover why it is so important that operators prioritise total cost of ownership for a wastewater treatment plant, and the impact it can have on a facility’s bottom line, plus the factors to bear in mind when it comes to specifying a compressed air system for a site.

Those that attend the webinar will have an opportunity to download a free dedicated white paper on this topic too.

Russell Frost explains: “The benefits of a circular economy are numerous, including reduced waste, greater resource productivity, a more competitive economy and more sustainable operations. The move towards the circular economy means organisations will be given far more information about the whole life costs and environmental impact of goods and services, and so the total cost of ownership of machinery and equipment at a wastewater treatment facility should be a key concern for plants.

“In fact, we’ve seen instances where – by embracing more efficient and sustainable technology – a wastewater treatment site has achieved cost savings of £5,000 a month, leading to annual savings of £60,000. This has a huge impact on a plant’s bottom line, not to mention their sustainability credentials because of the technology that has been introduced.

“We want to use this webinar as an opportunity to explain how municipal wastewater treatment facilities can become both more sustainable and profitable.”

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