Flexibility is KEY in Storing and Managing Stock

The need for flexible systems to effectively manage the internal warehouse has become key for companies who can no longer rely on rigid logistics concepts.

Traditionally goods have been stored on conventional shelving and mezzanine floors.  These types of storage solutions have their place but increasingly companies are looking to maximise their space, increase efficiencies and improve profitability.  Automated storage and retrieval solutions are answering these needs as success or failure is largely determined by speed to market.

Kardex has developed solutions that target the heart of the production process with increased material flow providing flexible, precise and efficient solutions.  Faster access to parts and maintaining processing time at the machines, storing semi-finished and finished products for increased accuracy and speed are all key in maximising delivery times.

If we look at a typical electronics manufacturer, who may have highly sensitive electrical modules, components and semi-finished products for temporary, short-term or long-term storage, there are  very specific requirements. Whether a small-parts or a complete distribution warehouse, there is a need for a more combined and controlled environment which delivers a solution that cover the ever increasing variety and complexity of products within highly effective logistics systems.

As we know one size does not fit all.  What about heavy pallet goods? For example, ABB needed to make the management of their pallet items easier for timely retrieval of assembly sets for building sites all over the world. By utilising two shuttle XP 1000 950 meter high storage units, they were able to maximise the storage of 58 pallets on a footprint measuring just 18,94 sq meters.  This enabled them to ergonomically move the pallets into position for a forklift truck or electric pallet truck.

A local UK company Hydravalve is a supplier of machinery and spare parts in the hydraulic power and energy industry with a  wide range of products and an  inventory of over two million parts. They needed to improve their storage and picking operation, so  they opted for 5 Kardex Shuttle XPs which delivered benefits such as; 45% improvement in the use of available space, 200% improvement in batch picking time and over 99% increase in picking accuracy.

For many companies there is a need to link their automated storage and retrieval solutions (ASRS) to their management systems.  Kardex customers cover the globe and many have their machines linked to ERP/MRP and WMS systems, giving real-time transparency on their inventory and how it’s being used at a glance. One such example would be an extremely well-known watch maker whose products are held in Kardex units in Kent whilst the host ERP system sits in Geneva, Switzerland. Every watch purchased is allocated via Kardex PPG software serial number tracking and issued via Kardex Shuttle systems to ensure a life time of traceability.

Innovation was key to Flowtechnology UK, (FTUK’s) a supplier of fluid power components and associated services.  They wanted smarter warehouse logistics, optimised storage, increased picking times, integration with their in-house back-office suite and smarter management software.  The investment of sixteen 12 meter high Shuttle XPs delivered a range of significant uplifts in productivity. The combination of the new technology and FTUKs own back office suite meant that not only was their auditing simpler but, thanks to the optimisation of the tours and the stock control, picking accuracy is greater than 99 % – based on an error rate of just 0.21 %. These advantages are further enhanced by quicker replenishment.

From efficient hardware to fully integrated systems, our solutions can store thousands of items from small goods such as nuts and bolts to large items.  Kardex is a world leader in ASRS with a long history of innovation working with organisations that recognise the short and long-term benefits that automated storage and retrieval systems can bring, delivering on the promise of improvements in labour, space saving and faster picking times. To learn more contact us at www.kardex-remstar.co.uk or call us direct on 01992 557237.