100+ Highly Accurate Pyrometers for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement!

The importance of accurate temperature measurement for industrial processes. – LumaSense Technologies owns Expert knowledge to achieve it

Pyrometers are temperature measurement instruments that operate on the principle of infrared radiation, i.e. they detect infrared radiation of objects to determine the temperature. The key benefit of using an infrared thermometer to measure temperature is that you do not have to make contact with the process or surface being measured.

In many industry sectors, the use of non-contact temperature measurement instruments is an important technology. For example, it is used for controlling complete factory processes or measuring even the smallest components to ensure a consistent quality level.

LumaSense offers a wide range of infrared pyrometers developed from years of experience, research and customer contact. These highly accurate instruments provide solutions for nearly every industry and measurement application. The company have been in the business for almost 60 years and in fact, are celebrating some of their pyrometers for being successfully in production for over 30 of those years, all “Made in Germany”!

LumaSense’s line of IMPAC pyrometers are well known for their accuracy, ruggedness and dependability even operating under difficult conditions and in the harshest environments.

The IGA 140‐TV was launched into space on a JAXA (Japan Aerospace) mission to help scientists gather temperature data in zero‐gravity.

The versatile Series 140 include fully digital, fast pyrometers (in many different wavelength versions) with view finder, laser targeting light, or color TV camera for a broad variety of applications. This series offers very small spot sizes, focusable optics, display, buttons for instrument settings, analog output, digital interface, and maximum value storage. Versions are also available with Profibus, Profinet or Ethernet interface.

In October 2014, LumaSense introduced the ISR 6‐TI Advanced, the world’s first industrial grade infrared pyrometer with thermal imaging capabilities. This instrument incorporates the combination of pyrometry and thermal imaging in a single solution.

The ISR 6-TI Advanced infrared thermometer combines accurate (2-color) pyrometry and thermal imaging in one non-contact temperature measurement system.

It accurately measures the temperature of the center spot and uses an infrared filter to show an auto-calibrated thermal image based on the accurate (and to a large extent emissivity independent) ratio pyrometer temperature reading.

The system is based on the high quality 2-color (ratio) pyrometer ISR 6 Advanced for temperature measurements in ranges between 700 and 1800 °C in combination with a video camera with a short wavelength infrared filter.

Another model pout of LumaSense’s top Series, the IGAR 6 Advanced is only pyrometer suited for many industrial applications with Smart Mode functionality. This includes a unique switchover technology that transitions between modes, creating a very long temperature measurement range.

The IGAR 6 Advanced pyrometer is a digital, compact and fast pyrometer which – depending on the individual requirements – can be operated in different modes.
Besides the 1-color mode (100 … 2000 °C) a 2-color mode (250 … 2000 °C) or a special Smart mode can be selected. In Smart mode, the measurements in the range between 100 … 250 °C will be taken in 1-color mode whereas in the range between 280 … 2000 °C the measurements will be based on the 2-color (or ratio) method. In the range from 250 to 280 °C, a continuous transition from 1-color to 2-color measurement automatically takes place.

These are just 3 of the 100+ pyrometers in the range, providing solutions for hundreds of applications!

The extremely fast and highly accurate digital instruments of the versatile Series 6 Advanced (single color or 2-color) pyrometers, have very wide temperature ranges, analog output, digital interface, and focusable optics. Models are available with integrated LED display with laser targeting light, view finder, or integrated color-TV camera, to minimize set-up time. Moreover, special versions are available, e.g. with integrated thermal imaging feature, for mid temperatures or 2-color measurements or for ultra-thin glass sheets (e.g. Gorilla® glass).

Our portable IMPAC pyrometers Series 8, which just celebrated their 30th year in production, are suitable for measuring metals, ceramics, graphite etc. Also, they can be used for special applications such as measuring pouring streams or for temperature monitoring in coke ovens. These classically designed handheld infrared thermometers offer small spot sizes, maximum value storage, and temperature indicators.

LumaSense Technologies, is one of the most trusted providers of innovative temperature and gas sensing devices. IMPAC, acquired by LumaSense in 2007, has 60 years of experience in infrared and non-contact temperature measurement and is a trusted source for pyrometers worldwide.

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