Rainbow Technology Systems, one of the UK’s leading engineering companies, has launched a new division focused on automation projects. The division will specialise in developing bespoke equipment to automate production processes for novel and innovative applications.

Established for over ten years Rainbow has a highly experienced team of engineers with expertise in all aspects of process automation including electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and robotic engineering.

Rainbow has delivered custom innovative process solutions to a wide range of industries.

Rainbow Technology Systems specialist custom solutions focus on:

  • Lateral Flow Strip Technology (feeding, cleaning, dispensing, drying, cutting, foil packaging)
  • Process Automation (design, manufacture, integration)
  • Coatings and Coaters (slot die, roller coating, Meyer bar, spraying)
  • Printing (silk screen, graphic, laser, UV)
  • Drying and Curing (UV, IR, LED)

Examples of recent projects include:

  • A fully automated bespoke production line for the processing of water testing kits.
  • Development of a range of permanent and peel-able UV curable coatings which can be applied to a range of materials including glass, metals, PVC, wood, composites.
  • Innovative range of coating equipment; single and double sided coating with integrated drying and curing.
  • LED curing solutions.

David Westwood, sales and marketing manager, Rainbow Technology Systems said: “Our solutions are designed specifically to deliver value to customers by enabling sustainable functionality and efficiency, tuned to specific customer requirements. Our process solutions use less energy, less materials, take up less floor space, and require minimum maintenance.  They also push the boundaries on many accepted process capabilities, enabling profitable technological advancements in production environments.”

He added: “If you have an unusual or novel production or manufacturing requirement our team will work with you to develop a bespoke solution.   For example we have recently worked with Palintest, one of the world’s largest producer of water testing kits to fully automate their production line leading to higher yields and throughput.  The line handles every process including handling, cropping, cleaning, alignment, dosing, singulation and packing.”

Rainbow has welcomed the recent introduction of a new £8m fund at the CBI which is aimed at boosting the productivity and performance of small businesses in England.  The Business Basics Fund will help support small businesses in adopting tried and tested technologies and management techniques.  Once the projects are launched, the Government will then work with leading experts to evaluate the effectiveness of each project in boosting productivity, helping to inform future policies. Rainbow is perfectly structured to help companies benefit from this CBI initiative.

For further information please visit www.rainbow-technology.com