Turn-Key Solutions from Automation Experts: Heason Technology and Mecelec Design agree ‘Build Partner’ alliance for superior automation solutions. New partnership benefits customers with improved system solutions

Building upon a unique synergy between Heason Technology and Mecelec Design, a newly formed Build Partner alliance promises much closer project collaboration. The ultimate aim of the Build Partner alliance is to benefit the customer by unifying Heason’s and Mecelec’s various areas of expertise where both companies have considerable design, manufacture and build experience and strong reputations in their respective market areas providing superior machine design, focused system solution engineering with improved customer support and faster development/production timescales.

The agreement follows a number of successful projects where Heason Technology has supplied Mecelec Design with motion control components and high-precision positioning sub-systems for the Gloucester-UK based designer and manufacturers’ turn-key engineered automation solutions.

The new Build Partner alliance expands upon this success and operates on a project-by-project basis with either company acting as a subcontractor or as a prime supplier depending upon specific customer needs.

In this way the customer is able to specify its exact system requirements and together Heason and Mecelec will provide a total machine solution with no limitation or compromise in the scope of design, manufacture, commissioning and support. Generally, Mecelec would project manage large-scale and plant automated solutions for production and/or test systems with Heason taking the helm for motion-centric projects such as single machines. However, both companies would be involved throughout, contributing its own area of expertise for an optimised solution that both meets and exceeds the technical and cost requirements for the customer.

This new initiative will enable Heason an enhanced supplier partnership role by directly supporting Mecelec’s customers throughout the design and manufacturing process for full-scale automation projects whilst Mecelec would then fulfil a similarly close support relationship with the customer where Heason heads the project. In both cases, customer support will continue into the commissioning and life-support phase.

Mecelec Design prides itself on a longstanding high reputation for developing solutions to complex engineering problems across all areas of industry including aerospace & defence, automotive, power generation, food & beverage, consumer goods and more. With over 5000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and assembly space at its Gloucester facility and with a strong team of design and production staff, Mecelec’s services include feasibility & development studies, 3D CAD design, complete project management, ISO 9001:2015 quality assured manufacture utilising all of the major PLC and PC control based systems, site installation & commissioning and maintenance services.

For its part, as a designer, manufacturer and distributor of world-class motion solutions with assembly and full commissioning services, Heason Technology mirrors many of the areas of industry and research that Mecelec covers. Heason is a prominent supplier for high precision mechanical and electronically controlled positioning sub-systems for government research projects, medical equipment & laboratory automation, packaging machinery and commercial surveillance. Heason represents a number of globally recognised motion component manufacturers including Kollmorgen, Thomson, Elmo and ABB for products that include ballscrews, linear bearings, linear actuators and complete mechanical position stages; servo and stepper motors and associated distributed or cabinet mounted drives as well as single and multi-axis motion controls with bus interfacing technologies that include EtherCAT, Powerlink and more.

Recent collaboration on complete turn-key projects managed by Mecelec have included automated manufacturing systems for defence components as well as pharmaceutical packaging machinery.

Mecelec director Neil Pearce is looking forward to many more collaborative projects that the Build Partner alliance will yield, “Whilst the collaboration is fairly new, we are already progressing on a number of important projects and the benefits for mutual support are increasingly apparent – our design and production times are faster and we look forward to more projects in the future.”

Jon Howard, Heason Technology’s managing director states his enthusiasm for the programme, “The potential benefits to our customers is full turn-key project solutions whilst Mecelec are provided access to a superior range of servo-based automation products with comprehensive technical and application support from Heason.”

For further details about the Build Partner alliance contact Heason at [email protected]or visit www.heason.com. For Mecelec Design it’s [email protected] or visit www.mecelecdesign.com.

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