Verlinde facilitates Big Bag manipulation at a cardboard mill.

RDM, a cardboard mill located at Blandec near Saint-Omer in the Pas de Calais administrative department, consulted VERLINDE in March 2017 to install a motorized VFM jib crane to handle its Big Bags. RDM produces different types of cardboard for all sectors of industry.

The mill had already called upon VERLINDE to erect an aluminium gantry crane designed for corrective maintenance applications. Satisfied with the quality of the product and erection work, the cardboard mill, through the intermediary of their integrator partner HERIPRET, once more called upon VERLINDE in March 2017 to find a solution for a Big Bag handling problem.The 1100 kg recycling bags were formerly handled from their factory entry point to the carton recycling unit by a fork-lift truck. The process, inappropriate for the operation, was slow, lacking in precision and laborious. Verlinde recommended the installation of a 360° slewable motorized jib crane enabling the handling of loads of up to 1600 kg incorporating the weight of a spreader beam (100kg).

VERLINDE jib cranes (a column-mounted version seen in the photo) are rational and economical handling machines requiring no modification to the building during installation. However, these space-saving machines enable 3-axis handling of loads and can be used by any industry.

The fork-lift truck is now used to carry bags as far as the jib crane where the spreader beam is then hooked to the 4 handles. The jib crane’s motorized boom raises the Big Bag, rotates through 180° and sets the bag down in a hopper. This specific system of handling is thus more fluid and better adapted to the process.

VERLINDE had to take into account the drawback of a lack of space, the jib crane having to pass under an existing 5 metre-high suspended crane; the overall height of the installation had to be no more than 4730 mm. A à EUROLIFT BH electric belt hoist for loads from 500 to 5000 kg, generally used in the food processing industry, was selected due to its small space requirement and its minimum loss of headroom under the hook. Its lfting power is significant and it offers the toughness of a product designed for industry combined with total operating cleanliness. The hoist motor with two mechanically variable speeds and two speed travel motor (complying with standard EC 34.1/IEC 34.2, IP 55 protection and insulation F) combined with fully sealed reduction gearing enable your loads to be shifted silently and with great precision.

A high security belt guide, electric hoisting limit switch and electrico-mechanical load limiter as standard equipment, ensure users maximum safety in any situation.

Optimal operation of the jib crane enables a Big Bag to be loaded up to 6 times every 24 hours.
Time saving for the operator is significant, the process is simplified and production has increased. HERIPRET, VERLINDE’s integrator partner performed the erection work and will take care of maintenance.

RDM cardboard mill, once more satisfied with the optimisation of its production process, is planning new investments.

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