Industrial Gear Unit MAXXDRIVETM: Ideal for Heavy Duty Applications

Robust, high load capacity and long life – Industrial gear units by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS move agitators, mixers, and grinders. Two additional sizes as well as extruder flanges supplement the modular series and provide new solutions for heavy duty applications.

MAXXDRIVETM industrial gear units by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are characterised by high power density, quiet operation, and top reliability. Large rolling bearings ensure extremely high axial and radial load capacities and a long service life. The technological heavyweight drives also offer a modular, flexible design as well as varied mounting options. This makes the robust helical and bevel gear units in one-piece UNICASE housings ideal for a great number of heavy duty applications. On the basis of the industrial gear units, NORD plans complete drive systems for heavy duty operation with motors and drive electronics, for tasks including conveyor technology, pumps and agitators.

NORD now extended the successful series of industrial gear units: Two new sizes, 5 and 6, extend the previous range with rated torques of 15 kNm and 20 kNm. Offering a total of 11 sizes, the drive specialist now covers a torque range from 15 to 250 kNm. All options of the previous range are available for the new types as well.

In addition, NORD has supplemented sizes 5 to 11 (rated torques from 15 to 80 kNm) of its modular series with extruder flanges. Users benefit from generously dimensioned thrust bearings which easily absorb process forces and ensure a long service life. The “extruder flange” option can be customised to the customer’s shaft and optimally matched to the customer’s demands with several bearing variants.

Offering many options for input and output shafts, mounting, seals, and monitoring (temperature, vibration, etc.), NORD’s extensive range of industrial gear units provide a high level of flexibility for designing demanding applications. By the way: NORD is the industrial gear unit manufacturer with the world’s largest industrial gear units in a UNICASE housing.

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