Atlas Copco rolls out low reaction tool range

Leading global manufacturer of fastening solutions, Atlas Copco, has launched a
pioneering range of ‘Low Reaction’ (LRT) tools.

The new line-up of battery and DC-powered tools has been developed specifically as
part of Atlas Copco’s Smart Connected Assembly concept, to improve both operator
ergonomics and factory optimisation.

This includes a Transducer Battery Pulse (TBP) based tool that features a hydraulic
pulse unit rather than gears and an oil-filled chamber, enabling higher torque of up to
55Nm with vibration levels below the minimum standard. Delivering five million
pulses before maintenance is required, operating performance is up to five times longer
between service intervals.

For applications involving hard joints, the integration of Atlas Copco’s TurboTight®
torque management technology means that the tool, rather than the operator, absorbs the
reaction force. Designed to avoid operator influence, the new range of tools also
features Atlas Copco’s TrueAngle® technology, which uses a gyro signal to read
operator movement, thereby increasing the accuracy of angle readings and improving
controlled tightening, as well as avoiding damaged threads, re-hits and premature shut-

David Embley, General Manager, Atlas Copco Tools UK, commented:

“Our customers are seeing increasing complexity in their product mix and demands for
higher quality. A batch count of one is quite typical in today’s world of choice, so to
compete, manufacturers need to produce the best quality at the lowest cost, in the
quickest time. The goal is zero defects and full traceability, along with better agility to
face the challenges of globalisation, new technologies and competition.

Atlas Copco Tools Part of the Atlas Copco Group
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“At the heart of Atlas Copco’s Smart Connected Assembly is a focus on achieving
quality, productivity and traceability in complex assembly processes. Advanced
tooling, software solutions and error-proofed production meets the needs of our
customers in a digital world. Low reaction tooling is a key part of our vision and
process control and data driven services add to the mix to equip businesses with the
solutions they need. We look to maximise productivity and increase customer
efficiency, whilst reducing human error and ensuring operator safety. Our customers
need tangible return on investment, which is why we introduced our six pillars of value.

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