Telsonic Ultrasonics Seal The Case For LAP Electrical

Telsonic UK has established a reputation for delivering robust technical solutions for challenging welding and joining application, many of which are for automotive components and sub-assemblies. In this latest application for LAP Electrical, Telsonic were called upon again to assist with developing not only the tightly controlled process within a machine solution, but help develop the underpinning joint design detail required for a hermetic seal on crank case ventilation valves.

The components in this application are manufactured from glass filled nylon, and depending upon variant, have between 5 and 6 individual sub-component parts. The production solution also has to be capable of accommodating 5 product assembly variants.

Telsonic’s ultrasonic technology supplied for this project included a USP3000E Press, MAG-W020024-S 2.4kW welding system together with a TCS-5 controller, touchscreen interface and a suite of Zapp steel sonotrodes, designed to suit the different product types and incorporating a quick release tool change system. The Telsonic controller uses individual
weld recipes for the different variants that include staged pressure profiled electronic force delivery and weld collapse limits.

The ultrasonic welding system is fully integrated within a turnkey multi station rotary indexing machine. The operator manually places the loosely pre-assembled components which are then welded, providing a repetitive, strong and hermetically sealed closure of the internal assembly components using the USP3000E system process control features.

Subsequent stations within the machine are used to perform flow and pressure tests on the assemblies before all good components are laser marked, orientated and unloaded from the machine by a pick and place unit. Any parts deemed as reject by any of the station tests or the weld process are segregated at the unload station.

There were a number of technical challenges for Telsonic in this application. Different part colour, post mould part age, together with part supply from different moulders and sub-component part tolerances, requiring careful consideration when defining the joining process parameters. Telsonic conducted prolonged tests with LAP at their UK laboratory to develop
the specific weld modes and limits which would assure a strong hermetic seal, capable of withstanding the rigorous airflow characteristics, leak test, mechanical shear and tensile tests required. Sonotrode design also played an important role in determining the final solution, being carefully sized to achieve a near field weld across all component variants.

The factors that resulted in Telsonic securing this business were the company’s demonstration of a detailed understanding of the process influences on the material and the product assembly and determining repeatable weld recipes for each variant. Finally, delivering a joining machine solution in which LAP Electrical could have complete
confidence. As a result of this success, LAP are now retrofitting Telsonic ultrasonic technology to existing and older machines as part of their upgrade programme.

Telsonic UK offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic modules and systems for a variety of plastic and metal welding, cutting, sealing, cut’n’seal, food cutting and cleaning applications within a wide range of industries.

More information on Telsonic products and systems for plastic welding can be found here.

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