nsd tupH: Food grade drive units for the bakery industry.

Represented for the first time at iba in Munich, from 15 to 20 September 2018, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS presents its hygiene-friendly drive units for the bakery industry. The lightweight, corrosion-resistant drive units, smooth motors, frequency inverters and motor starters in washdown-optimised cast aluminium housings provide an economical alternative to stainless steel geared motors due to their nsd tupH surface treatment.

Agitators, conveyor systems, weighing and filling plants or packaging machinery: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers efficient and hygienic drive solutions for the bakery industry. The manufacturer’s innovative inverter technology guarantees high positioning accuracy and reliable implementation of dynamic sequences. The drive units can be controlled individually in order to regulate, for example, the kneading and conveyor speed, to prevent blockages or control the dough process. Due to their modular structure and their plug-in capability, the drive units are also service and maintenance friendly.

Corrosion protection in demanding environments.

For use in demanding environments, such as the bakery industry, NORD has developed the outstanding nsd tupH anti-corrosion treatment for aluminium drives. With this process, the material is hardened below the surface. Due to an electrolytic process, a protective layer is created, which is permanently bonded with the substrate material. This way, aluminium becomes similarly corrosion-resistant to stainless steel. The drives can easily withstand contact with a great variety of aggressive media or high pressure steam washing.

An economical alternative with many variants

nsd tupH drive units are a robust and durable alternative to painted geared motors or stainless steel drive units. The nsd tupH treatment is available for all NORD aluminium products, unlike stainless steel drives, which are only offered in a small number of versions. For nsd tupH aluminium drive units, all DIN and standard components, including drive shafts, are made from stainless steel. The fanless smooth motors do not spread germs and run very quietly. They are available as synchronous and asynchronous motors and fulfil efficiency classes IE2 and IE3 (asynchronous motors) and IE4 (synchronous motors). NORD also offers the drive units in ATEX versions.

At iba 2018, NORD can be found in Hall B4, on stand 111.

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