A Base for Every Season

Rittal’s new base/plinth system for enclosures and IT racks means it can now offer customers and end-users an unprecedented number of functions and options.

The latest innovation combines all benefits of the existing TS and Flex-Block base/plinth systems in one solution, plus much more besides.  For example, engineers can install VX25 enclosure accessories, while the base/plinth can also be used as an intelligent cable chamber.

All this comes with reduced assembly time, lower costs and greater safety.

The new base/plinth system VX25 from Rittal is designed for the new large enclosure system, as well as being fully compatible with Rittal’s existing enclosure solutions, the TS, TS IT, SE, CM, PC, IW, TP and TE ranges.

The new system combines all the functions and benefits of the Flex-Block and TS base/plinths, which it will soon replace.

As well as an extensive range of accessories, the base/plinth system offers users virtually limitless options around siting, transportation, cable routing, cable attachment and base/plinth configuration.  Its consistent 25 mm pitch pattern means an enclosure’s mounting parts, such as punched sections and rails, can also be used on the base/plinth.  So, in addition to installing baying brackets and cable clamp rails, routed cables can be easily and efficiently clamped and secured in the base/plinth using punched sections with mounting flanges.

This base/plinth system consists of sturdy corner pieces with trim panels at the front and rear and at the sides and is available in heights of 100 or 200 mm.

The corner pieces, like the trim panels, are made of sheet steel, and – due to an integrated centring aid that is pre-fitted in the VX25 frame – it is easy both to position the enclosure precisely on the base/plinth and install the corner pieces. Also new is the ability to attach the base/plinth directly from above, which simplifies screw-tightening.  The base/plinth and enclosure frame can be screwed through the stable base frame with the aid of the nut integrated in the corner piece of the base/plinth.  As an alternative, engineers can screw through the base/plinth into the enclosure’s corner piece.

The sheet steel trim panels can then be easily snapped on and, if the enclosure needs to be lifted with a forklift or lifting truck, they can just as easily be removed again. Clip-in trim panels allow simple, fast access to the enclosure for individual use, e.g. as a cable chamber.

The system lends itself to many applications, thanks to the fully symmetrical corner pieces, and the use of the matching base/plinth trim panels, along the length and width of the plinth. For example, the vented trim panels and trim panels with brush strip accessories can now be attached at the sides, or exchanged for the front/rear trim panels.  And all the trim panels can beclipped into the corner piece, or securely screw-fastened.

Pre-assembled captive nuts allow fast and simple assembling. Depending on the application, users can dispense with the trim panels between bayed enclosure suites, or, alternatively, a 100 mm high trim panel may be used to stabilise the base/plinth corner pieces.


The VX25 is the first enclosure system that has been fully developed to meet the requirements for increased productivity in control and switchgear manufacturing and along the Industry 4.0 value chains.

It is a major innovative leap, requiring more than 25 registered property rights, and one which reflects both Rittal’s deep industry experience as well as years of intensive customer dialogue.

The VX25 offers the highest possible quality and consistency of data, reduced complexity and savings in time, as well as safe assembly. 

Further information at www.rittal.co.uk and www.friedhelm-loh-group.com or on twitter @rittal_ltd.

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