ADEL system now offers a complete range of products for power supply and energy back-up in the industrial automation field. From the manufacturing and design facility in Reggio Emilia Italy, Adel produces a comprehensive range of power supplies, battery chargers and DCUPS – combined battery chargers and power supplies for the automation and control panel industry.

The three main families are the Power Supplies for single, two or three phase installation, Battery Chargers for 12, 24, 36 and 48V DC up to 35A and the CBI series of DCUPS, a combined power supply and battery charger in one self-contained unit.

The FLEX series of power supplies are housed in a tough aluminium case for DIN rail mounting.  The FLEX series are available with inputs from single (115-230V AC) 2 Phase (230V/400V) or 3 phase (400-500V AC). The secondary range from 5, 12, 24 or 48V DC. There are options within the range for paralleling the power supplies without the need to fine tune the outputs, when the “Easy Parallel “mode is enabled.  The range is complemented with a decoupling module in the form of the MR220 10-60V DC 25A rating.

All the FLEX series Power Supplies are rated at three temperatures 40, 50 and 60 degrees C so that the DC load can be allowed for as the enclosure temperature varies.

The range of Battery Chargers from Adel cover from 12, 24, 36 and 48V DC systems.  They are available from 3-20A and the option on certain models to parallel connect to have higher charging currents. All battery chargers have a charge current pot to allow the operator to set the charge current as specified by the battery manufacturer.  There is also a jumper that is used to select the battery type so that the constant charge voltage is set correctly.  NiCD and Lion charge options are available on certain models as a factory fit. All the chargers operate a 90 minute test cycle when in a stand-by situation, whereby the battery is partially discharged and then recharged to ensure that when it is required it is an optimum condition.  All chargers have a relay output to indicate the status of the supply, either on AC or on battery and a second common alarm for battery condition faults.  There are 7 battery conditions faults which are constantly monitored.

There are options for remote monitoring via MODbus and CANbus on various models and the ability to install the DPY351 door mounted display to show the status of the battery without entering a cabinet.

THE CBI series of DCUPS units combine all the features of the Power Supplies and the Battery Chargers into one compact powerful unit.  The CBI series are DIN rail mounted with a separate output to the DC load and the battery pack. This allows for the battery condition to be maintained at all times so that when the battery is required it is in the best condition, dependant on age and number of charge cycles.   The CBI series has a battery start button on the front, which allows the replacement of the battery cassette and the network to be energised without the need for AC. The communication options available are MODbus and CANbus.  Utilising the DPY351 it is possible to connect several CBI units together and then have the DPY351 display as a device on the LAN or to use it as a gateway for remote monitoring the battery status.

There is a range of battery carriers for holding the 12V batteries, so they can be easily mounted inside the enclosure safely and with the least hassle. They are available is 12 or 24V DC up to 18Ahr.

All the Adel product are compact in design and come in a robust aluminium case.

Current reserve: Adel system units are the best solution in case of hard start-up conditions:

  • · Start-up with capacitive loads up to 50,000 mF
    •· Current reserve always higher than 25% of the rated current In

Worldwide certifications and Acceptance: casuals according to European Norms EN60950, USA UL60950, Canada CAN/CSA C22.2 N. 60950-00, UL508 and some parts are EN54 compliant.

As Adel are aware that even a short interruption in current may cause technical and logistical damage to all types of systems, they have 100% control over their manufacturing. They submit every product to final running in testing at a maximum working voltage and current for 12-24 hours, as well as isolation controls in line with legislation in force. This philosophy is aimed at a continuous improvement of the manufacturing process to guarantee customers satisfaction. They pay special attention to the components they use; all the ranges they manufacture use long-life electrolytic condensers for working temperatures of up to 105°C. They have set up in the Adel system factory a specific laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility and safety testing.

The wide range of products, from just a few to 500W, enables designers to have a wide choice of products at their disposal for every application. Any special requirements our customers may have will find a solution in our custom-built (“Custom”) products.

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