Nicolás Correa presents its latest innovations at Bilbao BIEMH 2018

Nicolás Correa participates in a new edition of BIEMH (Spanish Machine Tool Bienal) that takes places from 28th May to 1st June in Bilbao.

Nicolás Correa participates in a new edition of BIEMH, Spanish Machine Tool Bienal, which will take place in the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) between 28th May and 1st June. The company will show one of the most emblematic machines that incorporates all Correa latest innovations: Correa FOX model with UAD milling head, one of the most popular Correa heads. Correa will also present the NORMA model with rotary table, Correa range milling machine produced at its Industrial Subsidiary GNC Hypatia.

During the event, Nicolás Correa will take part in the 13th National Awards for Innovation in Digital and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in the category of “Machine Tool, components, accessories and tools innovation” with its UDX milling head, the first model of a wide collection of new Correa heads. The UDX milling head aims to respond to technological and market needs appeared during last years. The UDX head is a mechanical transmission milling head, with unique features in the market and an unprecedented flexibility with rotation every 0,02º thanks to the double Hirth coupling (system patented worldwide). The UDX head is able to perform 10,000 rpm (S1) allowing our customers the machining of large and high added value parts with just one head and one machine. Correa heads technology makes them some of the most robust and reliable elements of their kind on the market.

The exhibited bridge type milling machine with moving table is a FOX-50 with UAD milling head, unique indexing technology patented worldwide and designed to work in 6.000 rpm with no limitations, with a high tool clamping force and a Hirth coupling´s locking force. The UAD head is an automatic universal milling head, consisting of two 45º bodies, designed and built to withstand heavy duty cutting conditions as well as semi-finishing and finishing works with a high precision and speed. Additionally, Correa FOX-50 presents an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC 60) and a Heidenhain TNC 640 numerical control model with a visual, intuitive and descriptive PLC allowing a full capacity use of the machine. This innovative concept of bridge-type machine combines roughing capacity with the speed and precision of high performance machining. Furthermore, its total symmetrical design improves the geometry of the machine that remains more stable faced with temperature changes.

During BIEMH, Nicolás Correa will show its NORMA machine model, a flexible machine suitable for machining and finishing operations. In this case, the exhibited milling machine will be a NORMA-25 with integrated rotary table (4+2 axes) produced by GNC Hypatia.

The 30th edition of the Spanish Machine Tool Bienal, BIEMH 2018, is considered as an international showroom where some of the most relevant aspects of this sector as Industry 4.0 or Intelligent Production are introduced. In this sense, Nicolás Correa consolidates the Industry 4.0 process through the implementation of its Delfos 4.0 system. This system allows a monitoring based on the cloud that records and analyse automatically machines data improving efficiency and production process.

According to AFM Advanced Manufacturing Technology, the Machine Tool Sector has achieved record turnover in Spain, with 1,690 million euros (more than expected). In this sense, Nicolás Correa, with more

than 2.500 installed machines in Spain, it is one of Europe’s leading companies in the field of milling solutions.

Visit us and know more about our technology at Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC), hall 1 stand F-33 from 28 May to 1st June.

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