Ingenious Fastening Solution Simplifies Installation of Cables, Hoses & Lines

A new fastening concept, designed specifically for use on aluminium profile sections, provides a simple yet ingenious solution for securing cables, hoses and lines.

Available in the UK from Buttkereit Limited, the HEBOFIX 45 base is available to suit a wide range of aluminium profile sections The base is easily fitted, by inserting it into the profile slot and turning through 45 degrees, which securely locks the plastic moulded base in position. Hook & Loop fastening tape is then threaded through the base to neatly and securely hold and cables, air or hydraulic lines in position.

This new range of products will be welcomed by system integrators and machine builders who are increasingly making use of aluminium extruded sections to build machine frames and guarding. The HEBOFIX concept offers a number of benefits over the more traditional “Cable Tie” approach. The Hook & Loop tape can be neatly tucked away providing a more aesthetic finish, and with the base re-usable, additional cables or lines can be routed and secured simply by using a new length of Hook & Loop fastening. A further benefit is the tool-free installation and removal concept eliminates the risk of injury, as maintenance staff don’t need to take a knife to areas where there may be the risk of damage.

A drawback encountered with traditional cable ties, is that during maintenance procedures, cable ties are often removed and then not replaced at all. The HEBOFIX system makes it much more likely that everything will be put back properly.

The HEBOFIX 45 base range is designed to suit aluminium profile sections from a number of manufacturers including Item, Bosch, Minitec and Maytec. There are also three clamping range bands covering 4-20mm, 8-35mm and 10-60mm, supported with Hook & Loop tape widths of 7.5mm, 10mm and 20mm.

The HEBOFIX 45 base is manufactured from polyamide, reinforced with glass fibre, and meets UL94-V0 self-extinguishing standards. The product range is suitable for use across all industry sectors, and in addition to the standard base, secured by twisting through 45 degrees, an additional range of bases, secured by screws, is also available.

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