Specialist engineers from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will be providing free advice during a European tour organized to “share best practice” in sealing technology. The 14-stage ‘Industrial Roadshow Tour 2018’ began in France on June 4 and culminates in Bulgaria on November 9.

The roadshow will offer existing and potential customers a chance to learn more about the innovative products that Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has to offer and allows them to explore new options and techniques through media and interactive hands-on displays. Design engineers and sales experts local to each country will also offer on-the-spot consultation, answering questions and providing specialized technical training sessions for applications.

David Brown, Managing Director of the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions marketing company in the UK, said: “Trelleborg is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. This positions us perfectly to share both useful and essential information with engineers working across a variety of industries.

“We are taking our knowledge and expertise on the road to share good practice in sealing technology. Our experts will be providing displays and presentations designed to give visitors an overview of how working with us can accelerate their business and add value to their products and processes.”

The knowledge, expertise and presentations will be delivered from the Roadshow Cube, a sophisticated trailer offering 37m2 of space. There will be a presentation of highlight areas and displays, including innovations (material and process competences), hand-in-hand engineering examples, Service PLUS (logistics, packaging and assembly services) and product range and industry-specific solutions. Other topics covered range from manufacturing capabilities and digital services for application engineers (apps, virtual reality) to customized training sessions.

The roadshow will be visiting Germany from June 18 to 22, Poland between June 25 and 29 before heading back to Germany July 2 to 13 and going onto Turkey on July 24. The roadshow will also visit Denmark, the Czech Republic, the UK and Bulgaria.

Companies wanting a visit, can enquire by emailing Trelleborg Sealing Solutions European Marketing Manager Barry Clough at [email protected]. An outside space of 50m2 is required.

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