Delta Showcases its Smart Energy-Saving Solutions for Sustainable Cities at Hannover Messe 2018

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, announced today its vast energy-saving solutions offering to support the creation of smart green cities is being presented at Hannover Messe 2018. The showcase includes: Delta’s IoT-based Building Management Platform, which leverages automation technologies from our subsidiaries LOYTEC and Delta Controls to support all open protocols used in building control (BACnet, DALI, KNX, etc.) and now offers next-generation IP surveillance solutions from our subsidiary VIVOTEK, to enable comprehensive energy-efficient and secure supervision of entire buildings; the 150kW DC Ultra-Fast EV Charger, capable of facilitating a 100-kilometer EV driving range with less than 15 minutes of charging; as well as the 90kWh Li-ion battery energy storage system ES30 series, ideal for both commercial and industrial applications.


Delta’s exhibition booth, located at Hall 11, stand A57, presents the following solutions:

  • Solutions for Smart Green Buildings:

Delta has successfully built an unmatched set of capabilities and solutions to help customers not only lower the energy consumption of their facilities but also enable more efficient, secure, comfortable and valuable buildings. These solutions, showcased at Hannover Messe 2018 include:

– Delta’s IoT-based Building Management Platform is supported by technologies from our subsidiaries LOYTEC and Delta Controls to offer comprehensive control of not only the most energy-related operations (HVAC, lighting, elevators, renewable energy systems, EV chargers, etc.) but also of other critical aspects of buildings such as security through its unique compatibility with every single protocol commonly utilized in building control, such as BACNet, DALI, KNX, Modbus, EnOcean, OPC, LonMark, etc.

– IP surveillance solutions by Delta’s subsidiary VIVOTEK, such as its 3D People Counting Solution, and its 12-megapixel Fisheye Network Camera. The former allows for precise tracking of people while the latter offers 360° panomorph views for flawless security management.

– The newly-launched IoT-based Connected Lighting Solution, a retrofit-friendly system that offers wireless connectivity and data analysis in industrial applications through the easy installation of an IoT module compatible with our own LED high bay luminaires. This portfolio includes our flagship Staccato model, ready to last up to 100,000 hours in the most demanding environments, including temperature up to 60°C.

  • EV Charging Solutions:

Given E-mobility is another major cornerstone of sustainable cities, Delta has applied its expertise in developing and integrating superior energy-efficient hardware and software to facilitate highly capable, eco-friendly and ubiquitous EV charging infrastructure worldwide. Our modular Ultra Fast EV Charger with capacity scalable up to 150kW and with the unique feature in the industry of being able to charge four EVs simultaneously with either fast DC and/or AC ports, can offer EV drivers a 100km range with a quick charging session below 15 minutes. In order to minimize its impact on electricity grids and maximize operating efficiency, this revolutionary product can be supported by Delta’s in-house-developed DEEMS (Delta Efficient Energy Management Solution) software, which establishes communication between EV chargers, the electricity grid and (available) energy storage infrastructure. Our booth will also display a compact and lightweight 25kW DC EV Charger and our latest AC Mini EVSE (EV supply equipment).

  • Battery Energy Storage System:

Our offering at Hannover Messe 2018 includes the flexible, three-phase battery energy storage system (BESS) with scalable power capacity up to 90kWh featuring lithium-ion battery modules of 6kWh each, thus, ideal for commercial and industrial sites seeking to minimize their electricity bill while optimizing the use of their solar PV energy infrastructure but without needing to keep idle energy storage capacity. The high-quality and durable Li-ion battery modules boast a lifecycle of more than 6,000 cycles. A 30kW Power Conversion System (PCS), with an industry-leading 0.99 AC output power factor and two hours of continuous power supply (at 90kWh capacity), and an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) are included in the scope of delivery.

  • Solar PV Inverters:

Delta’s wide portfolio of solar PV inverters offers leading energy conversion efficiency up to 98.8% with power capacity from 3kVA up to 88kVA as well as IP65-rated enclosure, thus suitable for residential, commercial and large-scale power plant applications.

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