One in four engineering professionals risk job opportunities through social media activity

As CV-Library reveals how to be savvy about what you post online

One third (30.8%) of recruiters admit to ‘stalking’ potential candidates on social media, putting pressure on workers to be savvy about what they post online. Despite this, 24.4% of engineering professionals don’t set their social media profiles private. That’s according to the latest data from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job site. 

The study of 1,100 UK workers and over 200 recruitment professionals explored attitudes towards social media and the effect it has on your employability. The survey found that over half (58.5%) of candidates in the engineering sector expect to be ‘Googled’ by potential employers and recruiters, with 81.3% stating that they are more careful about what they post online. Other key findings include:

  • Three quarters (78%) of professionals in the industry believe that recruiters would judge them based on what they post on their social media profiles
  • What’s more, over two thirds (69.3%) of recruiters confirmed that they are influenced by what they find online
  • And despite many engineering professionals already being cautious, 68.3% said they are more careful about what they share when they’re actively job hunting

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library comments: Many employers and recruiters will use social media during their hiring process and it’s clear that they are influenced by what they see online. If you use social media, it’s vital that you are aware of what you’re sharing and that you understand the implications of posting inappropriate or potentially damaging content. When in doubt, switch your profile to full-private mode to cover your back!”

Furthermore, the survey sought to find out how both sides felt about posting photos online. Two thirds (61.2%) of recruiters said that they believe selfies are not acceptable for use on professional profiles. Interestingly, 53.7% of engineering professionals also agreed that these types of photos look unprofessional.

Biggins concludes: “The selfie craze has taken off in recent years, but it’s clear that recruiters don’t appreciate these being used for professional purposes. While you might not think your pictures are incriminating in any way, there are certain negative connotations that come with ‘selfies’ that could cost you a job. Instead, be sure to use a photo that is as professional as possible.”

With more recruiters now using social media to screen candidates, CV-Library shares its top tips for being careful online.

  1. ‘Google’ yourself: Get ahead of recruiters and search your own name online. Look at what you find and decide if there’s anything you don’t wish potential employers to see.
  2. Set your profiles to private: The easiest way to ensure that recruiters aren’t sifting through your photos or updates is by setting your profiles to private. This way they can only see your content if they ask to connect with you.
  3. Remove anything inappropriate: Take some time to go through your profiles and remove anything that might be deemed as inappropriate. It might take a little while, but it can be very beneficial to your job search.
  4. Don’t use ‘selfies’: If you’re using job boards, professional networking sites, or you’ve even created an online portfolio – keep your profile photo professional. Don’t use selfies.

For more information on how to be savvy online, check out CV-Library’s guide on how to clean up your social media presence before a job search.

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