Bahco’s ergonomic tool storage system saves engineers time

Renowned hand tool manufacturer Bahco consulted engineers and took their comments and suggestions on board when developing their latest Ergonomic Tool Management System, which brings order to any  workplace.

Clearly displaying every tool or group of tools in the colour coded, easy-glide drawers of the system’s secure storage trolleys enables engineers to find the tool they need quickly and easily.

A ‘push’ device enables swift removal from stain resisting drawer inlays.

Using Bahco’s ‘Configurator’ software, engineers can choose the size and colour of trolley they prefer, as well as the number of drawers and inlay format.

For engineers on the move a range of heavy duty, highly portable tool boxes with colour coded foam inlay drawers is available.  A wide choice of size and drawer format is offered and all Bahco boxes are tough enough to take the inevitable knocks of daily use.

Precision torque tools: engineers know they can depend on the precision, quality and  ‘feel’ of Bahco torque tools. Their range includes electronic torque angle wrenches, torque wrenches with scale and mechanical torque wrenches with adjustable head.

Also available are electronic torque wrenches with a fixed or reversible ratchet head, torque screwdrivers with preset torque values and electronic torque and angle measuring adaptors.

Bahco air tools : A wide selection of Bahco air tools includes impact wrenches, grinders, cut off tools, drills, hammer chisels, ratchets and reciprocating saws.

Ergonomic tools: Bahco pioneered ergonomic tools more than 30 years ago. The brand’s current range of more than 550 ergonomic tools is designed to protect even the toughest hands from muscular-skeletal disorders, or MSDs.  According to the UK’s Health & Safety Executive, these are the biggest cause of illness or injury sustained at work by trade professionals.

Hand, wrist and arm muscle strains and injuries are not only painful but often lead to lost working time or, for the self employed, loss of business. Constant repetition of some actions, often unavoidable, can result in strain even if they don’t feel all that strenuous at the time.

“Using ergonomic, well balanced hand tools can reduce muscular stress in the hands, provide greater comfort, reduce vibration through the hands and help avoid blisters and pressure points,” say experts at Bahco, whose ergonomic tools are developed using an 11-point scientific programme approved by independent experts.

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