New Autoclavable BLDC Motor Controller from Portescap

Portescap introduces a new autoclavable Brushless DC motor controller, the CNT1530, for driving large bone orthopedic handpiece motors. The controller leverages Portescap’s market leading autoclavable design capability and surgical application expertise to provide a reliable, customizable solution to the orthopedic market. This new controller will help improve your surgical hand tool’s performance and reliability, and take your application to market sooner.

The new BLDC controller is compatible with Portescap’s Large Bone Orthopedic motors. Customization is available for partners needing tailored solutions.

The CNT1530 controller utilizes on-board hall effect sensors – the magnetic actuation of speed and direction provided by this design delivers exceptional reliability due to a lack of mechanical components. In addition, the electronic components are encapsulated in a silicone potting material within an aluminum housing, which provides protection of the circuit board from the harsh environments of sterilization washers and autoclaves. The controller is compatible with a range of input voltages allowing for use with multiple battery types. A small form factor enables designers to house the controller within a tool’s pistol grip to create exceptionally ergonomic designs.

Automation Update