BOGE reveals how to implement industry 4.0-compliant compressors

New white paper reveals how to integrate Industry 4.0-compliant compressed air technology into manufacturing facilities.

Leading compressed air specialist BOGE Compressors has published a new white paper giving manufacturers practical advice on how to easily integrate existing smart compressor technology into their manufacturing facilities.

The paper shows how to make the most of the real – rather than theoretical – value from Industry 4.0 through BOGE’s compressor technology. From standard products with networked features to networked control systems, the paper explains how manufacturers can extend maintenance intervals, use digital technologies to improve service and support capabilities, increase efficiencies and future-proof manufacturing facilities.

BOGE’s General Manager, Mark Whitmore, comments: “Companies in many sectors are struggling to capture real value from Industry 4.0 technologies. That is why we decided to create a guide to maximising the benefits of Industry 4.0 for air compressor technology. Now, engineers have a practical resource that can achieve better performance both today and in the future.

“As a leading provider of compressor technology, ‘smart’ comes as standard on the majority of BOGE’s systems and this white paper shows how intelligence can be brought to the wider network through using our technology.”

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