Dozens of engineers recently saw for themselves the Starrag Bumotec s191 linear CNC multi-function turn-mill centre’s capabilities for profitable one-hit machining of small workpieces when the machine was put through its paces at the AMRC with Boeing Centre in Sheffield.

In addition to witnessing the s191’s cost-effective grinding, gearcutting and broaching as well as turning and milling routines in a single set-up as part of a live, complex component machining demonstration, the visitors – representing primarily aerospace and a variety of industrial industries – also enjoyed a series of presentations.

These outlined the machine’s capabilities across a range of components, including medical and dental as well as aerospace workpieces.

Indeed, according to Jonathan Knill, Business Development Director at Victoria Production Engineering (part of the Hyde Group): “Not only were the presentations extremely interesting – especially the insight into using the Bumotec for machining aero-engine fuel injectors and other small precision aerospace parts requiring multi-discipline machining operations – but the live demonstration clearly showed the machine’s flexibility and efficiency in multi-task machining in a single set-up. The whole event certainly provided much food for thought.”

Available from Starrag UK, the Starrag Bumotec s191 can achieve highly accurate (to +/- 2.5 microns) machining solutions within an X, Y and Z axes range of 410 mm, 200 mm and 400 mm, respectively.

The Swiss-built machine’s linear drives and high-level thermal stabilisation contribute to such extreme machining accuracies. In addition, its main spindle is complemented by a sub-spindle that can turn in both horizontal and vertical planes, for multi-process/tasking routines.

Tool magazine options extend to up to 90 pockets, to enhance single set-up operations on a machine with a bar capacity of 32, 50 or 65 mm. Rapid traverse rates of 50 m/min and a 30,000 or 40,000 revs/min spindle speed also contribute to the machine’s fast cycle times.

The working area of the seven-axis Bumotec s191H linear CNC turn-mill centre that was demonstrated at the AMRC with Boeing Centre

The working area of the seven-axis Bumotec s191H linear CNC turn-mill centre that was demonstrated at the AMRC with Boeing Centre

“The Bumotec s191 gives us opportunities to develop revolutionary new machining processes in any material and for any sector,” said Dr David Curtis, Technical Fellow at the AMRC with Boeing Centre. “We are now looking for projects where we can take small, complex components and develop optimised, cost-saving solutions that add value to UK industry.”

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