Reliable sensing, measuring stability and accuracy, along with the speed and change of direction of rotation in heavy duty machinery presents tough challenges and it’s where the BAUMER MAGRES range of magnetic absolute encoders excel. Heavy duty industrial applications like utility vehicles, cranes, wind energy plants, steel and metal processing require accurate, efficient and reliable components and Magres absolute encoders are ideal for these situations. 

The MAGRES EAM580 and EAM360 are the latest addition to the extensive range of absolute encoders available from Baumer Ltd. They combine outstanding reliability with precision, even in the harshest conditions and comply with EN13849 requirements. Their maximum angular accuracy of ±0.15º ensures absolute reliability and precise positioning for optimum process control for applications which previously required optical encoders.

Thanks to their compact size Magres encoders fit into the tightest spots while the modular design means that the ultra-compact 36mm option utilises the same large ball bearings as the 58mm version which helps to ensure a consistent and robust performance. Another feature is the bearing less encoder kit where the magnet motor is installed separately as an individual component which means without bearings, the encoder operation is virtually wear-free. Installation is also simplified as the multi-turn variants feature a 2mm wide air gap.

The robust steel housing provides optimum resistance to shocks of up to 500g, vibration up to 30g and also high immunity against external magnetic fields. Furthermore, the large, widely spaced ball bearings are able to withstand radial and axial shaft loads up to 80N and 40N respectively while corrosion resistance to C5-M and IP67 protection is standard across all models.

Sensor connectivity and communication features are also critically important, particularly in view of today’s technological advances and the need to be flexible and to ensure that systems can be future-proofed wherever possible.

With this in mind the EAM580 with PROFINET supports the latest communication standards to OPC UA ensuring reliable and non-reactive data exchange for different systems. This open, platform independent design allows for easier adaptation to future requirements.

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