From the energy producer, via energy distribution, to the energy consumer: highest precision for today and tomorrow

Energy transition, climate change, renewable or alternative energies, decentralized energy feeding, reduction of CO2 emissions, energy saving, smart cities etc. are the types of challenge that Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG has to address again and again as a manufacturer of high quality heavy current measurement technology. As well as this, recent scandals about the manipulation of diesel emissions, and optimism about e-mobility, are rapidly transforming the world of energy. Advanced technologies are being introduced at a faster pace and in a more tangible way. Infrastructures have to be adapted, or else, as we are seeing in developing countries, newly designed and built from scratch. IT has become dominant and is the defining factor in the new world of Industry 4.0.

Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG is responding to the global changes in a positive and proactive way. Just as with the basic concept of Industry 4.0, we continue to put human aspects foremost. We are transitioning from a supplier of components, well established and with long experience, into becoming a supplier of products, solutions and systems. We have four pillars to support our customer’s needs and concerns, which are always our top priority.

In the first pillar, we have proven our competence in the field of accurate MEASUREMENT AND DISPLAY, where we are well-established and have many years of experience in power systems management as well as equipment monitoring. We supply the latest measurement instruments for these applications, such as the new SINEAX AM series, the cost-optimized ECOLINE in the SIRAX measurement family, robust angular position or inclination transmitters in the KINAX family.

The second pillar shows the first example of our transition into the solutions and system world. In MONITORING AND CONTROL Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG is introducing the CENTRAX CU3000 and CU5000. These products go much further than simply displaying process data. For the first time, measurement data can be processed directly and immediately implemented into automation tasks.

The third pillar deals with a more recent topic in electrical energy technology, POWER QUALITY, otherwise known as PQ. Power quality monitoring often only gets talked about when there are breakdowns, for example if a system error occurs, devices stop working, production is halted, data is lost, there are IT failures or even an electrical power blackout. Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG actively addresses these types of events. Standard measurement devices with event logging as well as IEC 62586-2-certified devices such as LINAX PQ300 and PQ5000 make it possible to prevent power network problems.

In the fourth pillar, we supply bespoke solutions in the field of INDUSTRIAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT. From data management with SMARTCOLLECT up to power quality analysis using IEEE 1159.3-compliant PQDIF formats. We can provide an additional SCADAlight to allow you to visualize processes or set control pulses or we can provide engineering services with tailored solutions. We have all these possibilities available already. Aspects such as power systems reliability and safety are supported, as well as the detection of potential savings, ensuring sustainability of procedures, reporting to control centres, benchmark analysis of energy consumption, etc.

The end result is that energy becomes transparent and this can make a valuable contribution to reducing CO2.

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