BOGE C 15 DR compressor

By replacing its existing compressor with a state-of-the-art BOGE C 15 DR model, a truck rental and fleet management company in Greater Manchester is saving money, effort and energy. The original compressor, used to inflate tyres and operate impact wrenches, air tools and oil pumps, had an air-end and motor bearing life of just 25,000 hours. The truck rental site runs 8,400 hours a year, which meant the compressor needed a full overhaul in its third year.

Dean Urmston of BOGE platinum distribution partner Airflow Compressors, explained: “The customer didn’t want to spend a substantial amount of money on an overhaul. They were also disappointed such work was required on a compressor that was only three years old.

“We therefore proposed that they invest in a BOGE C 15 DR compressor, which has a bearing life of 42,000 hours. That gives the customer peace of mind for five years which ties in perfectly with its five-year asset depreciation plan.”

The compressor also offers far more powerful performance than the model it replaces – 60cfm from 11kW compared with 51cfm from 11kW for the old compressor. Mr Urmston added: “Based on the customer’s running trend and data logging survey, there will be a potential energy saving of just over £1,000 per annum, giving the customer a return on its investment within the compressor’s warranty period and within its five-year asset depreciation programme.”

The C 15 DR compressor offers remarkably low sound pressure levels so it is adaptable enough even to be installed within the workplace. On top of this, numerous treatment and filtering options make the system a versatile all-rounder, combining a dryer and tank with a remarkable small footprint. This makes it ideal for applications where space is at a premium.

Indeed, a compact design was essential for the truck rental and fleet management company due to the compressor house size. Furthermore, separate compressor and ancillaries wouldn’t have fitted in the relatively small compressor house.

The BOGE C 15 DR also features a flexible modular compressor design which allows customised configuration. This means that, in addition to a wide selection of receiver sizes, the customer has the option of including a refrigerant dryer, oil/water separator, integrated filters and even an intake air filter. Pre-assembled pipework ensures that both the installation work and the space required are kept to an absolute minimum.

The base control unit, which features liquid crystal display and sophisticated pressure sensor system, is included as standard. However, BOGE also offers the Focus 2.0 control unit as an option. This includes integrated efficiency indicator, well-proven BOGE leakage monitor and RFID input.

BOGE’s C series compressors are intelligently designed, with all the essential components integrated in the compact module. The lack of hoses and connection pipes makes it practically impossible for leaks to occur, and pressure losses are also minimised.

High free air delivery rates achieved with particularly low power input is the hallmark of the special BOGE air-end on C series compressors. The exceptional efficiency ratings are also partly due to the smart arrangement of the components, all in the interest of producing consistently high-quality compressed air.

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