Turin, February 23, 2017 –  Intended for industrial laser applications created thanks to Comau’s design and development skills, the new solution was presented to clients and to the European press at Comau’s plant in Grugliasco Italy.

LHYTE, the new technology designed for industrial laser applications and developed by Comau in collaboration with Prima Electro, was presented today at Comau’s plant in Grugliasco (Turin), Italy.

LHYTE is a cutting-edge modular system intended for both the automotive and the general industry sectors. It allows its end users to choose a fiber, diode or hybrid laser source, thereby meeting the increasingly varied and flexible needs of the industrial sector.

The unveiling event, which was attended by OEMs, system integrators, partner companies and journalists from all over Europe, opened with a welcome speech by Tobias Daniel (Head of Sales and Marketing for Comau Robotics and Automation Products) who introduced the LHYTE technology with a brief yet captivating video presentation. The technical and application advantages of this innovative solution for the industrial sector were then described by Maurizio Cremonini (Comau’s Head of Marketing) and Giovanni Di Stefano (Comau’s Head of Materials & Process Technologies) together with Maurizio Gattiglio, Prima Electro Executive Vice President- Laser Division (Prima Industrie Group). Afterwards, Ulrich Thombansen, a laser technology expert from Fraunhofer ILT in Aachen, provided a general explanation of laser solutions and Comau’s latest technologies. Tobias Daniel then closed the event with a technical demo to show the main features of the new solution, and how to use them.

A unique solution patented by Comau, LHYTE is able to combine the potential of direct and fiber laser sources through a modular and flexible structure. It is adaptable to any industrial application and enables Comau to meet the needs of a market in continuous evolution, in which manufacturers and system integrators are constantly in search of high-performance, versatile technologies. This innovative system is also an expression of high-quality Italian design, and the result of the development skills of one of the world’s leading global automation companies, Comau, and of Prima Electro, a company of international importance in the design of electronic components and laser technologies.

Tobias Daniel

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