Full colour labels for detailed product information

Brady offers new, completely customisable and durable digitally printed product labels in full colour to communicate important detailed product, safety and compliance information.

Full colour & complex printing
Brady’s new product labels are digitally printed in high resolution photo or multicolour quality for optimised communication of important product information with customers. RAL, Pantone and other colour codes can be specified. New print tolerances up to 0,1 mm enhance the full colour quality of small and complex texts, company logos, barcodes and pictograms on Brady’s durable product label materials.

Durable product labels
Brady offers a wide range of polyester and other durable product label materials which are laminated in a matt or glossy finish. The labels offer a high resistance against chemicals, solvents and abrasion to increase their legibility over time.

Completely customisable
Brady’s full colour pre-printed product labels are fully customisable. Large and small label sizes can easily be created with serialisation, company logos, production lot numbers, barcodes and other variable data even in extremely small fonts. Specific label material and adhesive combinations can be selected to increase the label durability and legibility in specific, more demanding conditions. Companies also have the possiblity to add more data to the labels on-site, using a quality label printer from Brady.

Obtain product details or a free sample via [email protected].

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