Herga’s robust and durable 6289 series foot switches used for ironing technology leaders latest generation pressing machines

The VEIT Group is a leading manufacturer and innovator of ironing, pressing and refinishing equipment, serving the international garment industry with high quality machinery and specialist service for more than 60 years. Its latest trouser pressing machine, the BRI – 235 VC, which combines high speed and precise automated motion with operator control, uses the compact and reliable Herga 6289 foot switch to trigger various automatic movements on the machine.

The well proven reliability of the Herga 6289foot switch is an ideal match the VEIT Group’s products, which have been developed for the highest finishing and ironing quality, with high efficiency and maximum throughput rates.

The 6289 is part of a wide range of standard footswitches, hand controls and switching solutions available from Herga Technology. The range covers single- or multi-pedal controls in ergonomic designs that are available with electrical/electronic, pneumatic, Bluetooth® wireless and USB switching technologies. With customisation options for switch specifications, electrical connections, mechanical fixings, colours and logos, application areas include industrial, business and domestic machinery switching as well as medical grade switching and sensing. For complete details, please viist www.herga.com.

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