Industrial Floor Coatings from RESPOL

Industrial floor paints are a necessity in workshops, showrooms, and walkways, They are also essential in a laboratory, an aircraft hangar or a warehouse. The range of demands for heavy-duty resins depends on the use to which the environment is dedicated. Some require a more decorative appearance with custom coloured finishes, while other surfaces need to be resistant to chemicals or heat resistant.

Ease of maintenance is a factor in most flooring systems. Common needs are for performance and protection. Industrial resins are by their nature hygienic because they are seamless, negating the entrapment of bacteria in the seams.

Respol is one of the leading industrial flooring contractors in the UK with a close working relationship with the top flooring manufacturers in the country. In our 30+ years in business, we have laid millions of square metres of flooring. Between having access to the latest flooring technology and having extensive and long-lasting experience in working with numerous industries, Respol’s highly trained staff of flooring specialists are experts in flooring requirements and regulations regardless of the industry.

Respol is a family business that has a lengthy reputation for outstanding service and innovative methods in the field of technically advanced flooring solutions. As such, we can install any industrial flooring treatment from sealing a bare concrete surface to repairing a damaged substrate and bringing it up to standard and installing a new resin system. Respol can apply the perfect protective flooring systems to concrete, steel, wood, asphalt and quarry.

Any Respol floor installation begins with the substrate and once it meets the highest standard, our nationwide technicians begin with dust free preparation. The substrate is primed to produce a surface that is free from residue and contaminants.

When it comes to epoxy floor coating, beyond choices such as gloss or matt and the colour of the floor paint, there are many other attributes that can be added to the epoxy resin. The nature of the chemical reaction that creates an inert heavy-duty resin, is that additives such as aggregate can be applied to create an anti-slip (or to use the more correct term, low-slip) surface, or other additives to create an anti-static floor. There are limitless variations in the type of flooring that can be supplied and installed.


The substrate preparation is essential so that a durable bond can be achieved between the priming system and the substrate. Once the priming system and the substrate are completely free from any residue or other contaminants, the floor is ready for the application of the surface coating system.

Respol’s equipment is always cutting edge, constantly updated. We provide a total flooring service from start to finish. All documentation and surveys are included in the cost. Our services and systems are accredited to ISO9001:2008 guaranteeing the highest level of quality control and customer service. Our products and services have single source uncomplicated warranties.

Respol works with you from the beginning to assist and advise on the best industrial floor coating for your environment and what substrate preparation must be carried out, what primers and sealers may be required, and inform you of the downtime (if any) involved.

For further information, please click here to receive a brochure or contact one of our flooring experts directly on 01952 740400.

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