For applications with uncomplicated gear requirements, the R. A. Rodriguez Gear Shop – – is proving the preferred source for a growing number of companies across Europe. Indeed, the company has just confirmed an increase in its Gear Shop sales of 81% from 2015 to 2016 and the trend looks set to continue in 2017.

As the European master distributor for the extensive KHK range of gears and ancillary products, R. A. Rodriguez markets more than 15,000 stock gears, the most popular of which are available for fast-track supply via its Gear Shop.  It allows customers to buy on-line for standard applications and request advice on any special projects that may require the gear modification service.

Although initial demand was from the UK and Ireland, the scope of R. A. Rodriguez Gear Shop sales now extends to much of mainland Europe.  Manufacturers in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Norway, Belgium, Finland and the Czech Republic now benefit from the service. Additionally sales have been boosted by the sterling efforts of distributors Magi in Italy, and Lindis in Spain.

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