Belden Simplifies Fiber Termination with Plug-and-Play Industrial MPO Cassette

New Pre-Tested, Pre-Terminated Fiber Solution Joins Modular Industrial Patch Panel Family

St. Louis, Missouri – January 31, 2017 – Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has introduced the newest addition to the Modular Industrial Patch Panel (MIPP) family – the MIPP Pre-Terminated Multifiber Push-On (MPO) Cassette. The cassette makes terminating fiber cables easy – from initial installation to ongoing maintenance – to ensure high levels of network availability and flexibility for evolving network needs.

“Time is valuable. Network managers need a quick and simple fiber termination solution that anyone can install and maintain, without requiring special training or tools,” said Loredana Coscotin, product marketing manager at Belden. “And to ensure our product maintains high network performance in any harsh industrial environment, the critical optical characteristics are tightly controlled and tested during the manufacturing process to give you a 100 percent, pre-tested MIPP MPO device.”

The transportation industry and other industrial markets will benefit from no longer having to splice fiber in the field or use an Enterprise offering that doesn’t meet the space constraints or ruggedization needed in industrial settings. With the MIPP Pre-Terminated MPO Cassette, network managers can:

  • Save time with an efficient, plug-and-play solution that one person can install, without needing to splice, cleave or polish fiber cabling.
  • Maintain a highly reliable network with a solution that’s pre-tested and certified.
  • Save space with an industrially hardened, compactly designed fiber termination device.

“The MIPP MPO Cassette is adaptable to meet the connectivity needs of varying industrial applications. It also allows for quick network reconfiguration in the event you need to move, add or change your network design or setup,” adds Coscotin.

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