Productivity 2000® – a Programmable Controller That Packs a Punch

The Productivity 2000® Programmable Controller was designed from the ground up by Automation Direct to do things better, more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

The free Productivity Suite software was developed with customer satisfaction as the primary concern. The result is programming software that is not only powerful and efficient, but easy to use. Tag name based programming style provides flexibility with no pre-defined, fixed memory maps and no wasted, unused memory allocations.

Programming Made Simple:

Productivity really is at the core of P2000. The key to this is simplifying complex operations such as PID loops – made effortless by Productivity Suite’s easy-to-use instructions. Fill-in-the-blank, function block style configurations save time and unnecessary headaches. With 50MB of user memory you can configure, tune and control as many processes as you need, without limits, and the integrated auto-tuning functionality enable you to get up and running in no time.


With P2000 you get 5 communications ports with 3 different protocols as standard on every CPU. RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Remote I/O, USB (programming) – All Built in. Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP – are also all Included. Need even more serial connections? No problem, an optional 4 port serial communications module is available too.

Status Display:

The OLED message display on the P2-550 CPU gives instant status messages on your controller and can be configured for system fault detection & display. CPU event and error messages are automatically displayed and you can use the “LCD” instruction in your program to send custom messages from ladder code.

Many of the Analogue & Discrete I/O modules have OLED displays to give real-time status display rather than just a blinking LED. Trouble shooting and process monitoring without having to connect your laptop, another boon for Productivity.

Hot-swappable I/O:

A P2000 system can be configured to allow the CPU to remain in the RUN mode without selected I/O modules installed. Choose the “Enable all Hot Swap” option in the software to allow any module to be removed or configure each module separately & never lose production throughput for simple I/O module changes making night-shift panics a thing of the past.

3 Wiring options:

The P2000 is all about productivity, even down to the wiring. Three wiring options are available:

1) Clamp Style Terminal Blocks – sprung clamp terminal blocks for fast wiring, simply strip & insert

2) Screw Style Terminal Blocks – the traditional choice – screw-clamp style

3) ZIPLink System – available for most I/O modules not only provides wiring time savings but can also provide fused isolation, clean wire-ways with easy, field-traceable connections, and confidence that panel wiring is correct.


P2000 provides high-speed (1MHz) inputs and outputs in Pulse/Direction, Step Up/Step Down and Quadrature signals, combined with Productivity Suite’s instructions, like Find Home (HOME), Simple Move and Velocity Move (SMOV), it’s easier than ever to program motion routi nes. High-speed I/O modules combined with the communication of the P2-550 CPU give you a powerful motion application solution for a fraction of the usual cost.

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